Anxiety is one of the most common health issues faced by most of the people these days. But the even bigger issue about anxiety is that most people do not even realize that they are suffering from anxiety or depression. No matter whether you are too anxious about a specific problem with your leader or you are worrying and overthinking too much while waiting for the results of a medical test.

Every human being suffers anxiety for certain things from time to time and it is relevant for both adults as well as kids. But for most people anxiety seems just a feeling which comes and goes, and lasts for a very short time in certain situations and circumstances. Some worries might hunt you for some hours and some worries might be with you for some days. But for people for whom these thoughts and tensions don’t seem to go away and are more than just passing worries, anxiety is then certainly a big problem for them.

People with serious conditions of anxiety might suffer for weeks, months or years as well. If not treated, these anxieties might worsen with time and sometimes become so severe that it affects the daily life of the person in a bad way. Clinics like Serenity provides proper treatment for anxiety and states that a person with the below mentioned signs proves that anxiety is getting the better of him or her.

  1. Panic attacks: A sudden fear or distress that develops in minutes and involves experiencing sweating, shaking, sensation of choking, chest pains, dizziness, nausea is known as panic attack. Panic attack is a sign of anxiety that happens in a condition rather than an anxiety disorder and its symptoms are similar to the symptoms of heart disease.
  2. Excessive worrying: Excessive worrying is the most common sign of anxiety and these sorts of worries do not happen in any disproportionate situation, rather it occurs in response to very normal everyday situations.
  3. Restlessness: Restlessness is another sign of anxiety especially for the cases of teens and children. Most people tend to describe restlessness as an “on edge” feeling or the desire to do something unusual immediately. In some studies it has been revealed that restlessness is the only major sign of anxiety in cases of children.
  4. Fatigue: For some people fatigue can be a chronic disorder but for most people, fatigue is also a sign of anxiety. The exact reason for fatigue can either be symptoms of anxiety like insomnia or muscle tensions but it can also be related to hormonal effects as well.
  5. Irritability: When the anxiety disorder of a person is at its highest level, the person seems to get irritated every now and then. Irritability is mostly common with young and middle aged adults who have anxiety disorders.

Other than these signs, a person who is suffering from anxiety might also get addicted to alcohol or drugs to escape the reality and the horrible feelings. For them steps+ is the best treatment that can help from getting out of addiction as well as the anxiety disorders.