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Whether you are planning a wedding, business conference or a celebration, hosting it outside can make it a memorable, fun and energised event.

If you are already planning an outdoor event or considering how you can make your next occasion special, here are 5 essential tips to consider.

Plan the Budget

While you may have allocated a designated amount for the event, you also need to plan exactly how your budget will be spent. This includes everything from food and drink, down to extension cords and power supplies.

By planning down to the last penny, it will be easier to stick to your budget and help you to avoid running into unforeseen costs – something that is crucial to the success of a event.

Choose the Right Location

The right location will vary greatly depending on the type of event you are hosting, and its audience. For example, if it is a large business event, you may want to choose a setting that is close to local transport links. While, for a wedding, it may be a rural or grand location, to help you create perfect memories on your special day.

Divide the Responsibility

No matter the occasion, organising an event is a large undertaking. To help you plan a successful outdoor event, work as a team by delegating and allocating responsibilities.

Whether they are your colleagues, volunteers, or friends and family, this will reduce the workload and help the event to run smoothly. Do this when planning and hosting to achieve maximum results.

Consider the Weather

In the North East – and the UK as a whole – the weather can be unpredictable. This means that when planning an outdoor event, it is essential to make back up plans, to prevent the need to reschedule or cancel.

In addition to monitoring the forecast as the event draws closer, ensure there is an indoor area to provide cover for attendees. One way to do this could be with a temporary building, such as a marquee.

Remember the Details

Whatever your event is, from a conference with a programme of speakers to a big birthday bash, the small details will impact how successful it is. This means it is crucial to ensure that the entire event has been structured from start to finish. Do this by planning every detail, from the way guests are greeted and shown to their seats, to music choices and activities.

When carefully planned and executed, an outdoor event can be a huge success. Follow these tips to ensure yours goes off without a hitch.