Do you know that according to a study, people lose concentration after only eight seconds? Scientists explain this phenomenon by the human brain’s ability to shield us from a constant flow of needless information. Decades ago, this span was twelve seconds, but the Internet and technologies’ boost made humans think and absorb data much faster. Just imagine that when we click on a video, eight seconds decide whether we will watch it or swipe to the next clip. How can video content-makers hook viewers’ attention and make them stay longer than just eight seconds? We’ve prepared six proven tips that will make your audience stay with you for ages.

6 Video Editing Tips to Engage Viewers

Do you want to produce groundbreaking and powerful video content that will fascinate, inspire, and change this world for the better? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Check our life hacks proved not on paper but in real life to make your videos trending.

Top-notch Thumbnails

Since its debut, YouTube has broken all possible records and become one of the most visited and widespread video-posting platforms on the Internet. A cherished fantasy of every content-maker (newbie or veteran) is to hit this iconic portal with his/her clips. But do you know that YouTube analysts admit that all top-performing videos are the ones with tailored thumbnails? Marketers who don’t use them literally crush their videos’ efficiency.

It’s super-easy to find top-notch thumbnails in our century due to multiple design tools, such as Crello. It is a well-worked thumbnail maker for YouTube and other popular social networks. You can not only get a superb ready-to-go thumbnail but also create your own with the help of state-of-the-art graphic objects. You can select from over 20,000 ace templates, which will make your videos one-of-a-kind and appealing.

HD Resolution

It is another fundamental hallmark that tells top-class footage from poor alternatives. Contemporary Internet users won’t waste their time on videos with horrible graphics and representation. Two clips with a similar idea and topic may have a colossal views gap if the first runs in HD resolution and the second one is doing slightly off. Thus, always use no less than 720p resolution to make your content stand out from the crowd.

SEO Practices

When you master SEO practices like a pro, you will boost your views’ statistics exponentially. Luckily, there are tons of SEO tutorials on the web. They teach to use the magic of search engine optimization to enhance content’s productivity. Videos with correct captions and appealing titles won’t leave people indifferent. However, don’t try to trick your audience and hook viewers with call-to-action titles, which give promises but do not meet expectations. The cover and the inside of your clips should always match!

Sound Effects

According to the latest report on Forbes, video content outshines texting by fifteen times. Statistics show that this ratio will grow even more in the following years. If you want to make your footage truly engaging and best-performing, ensure that your videos look and sound great! Spice your clips with groundbreaking sound effects.

The eminent film-makers add powerful soundtracks to their cult movies to provoke people’s emotions and make them laugh or cry while watching a particular scene. Use this practice in your videos too. Well-chosen music will make your videos more emotional, dynamic, and thrilling.

Analytic Tools

Use Google, FB, and YouTube analytics to know your primary audience. It’s vital to grip what people watch you and ‘speak the same language.’ Analytics will tell you a percentage of your male and female audiences, their age gap, and what spots on the globe they live n. When you understand your audience’s needs and preferences, you can adjust your clips to convert more and more viewers.


It’s great if you are a brilliant speechmaker and don’t need an under-the-table scenario to hook viewers. However, experience shows that a well-prepared script boosts a video’s efficiency a lot. We don’t mean that you need to write every single word you will say to viewers. People will see it’s a fake if you speak with a cheat sheet. You may even say nothing in your videos, but a well-polished script (highlighting the basic aspects) will still be your proven helpmate. Follow this check-list while working on a script:

  • Use the power of ‘eight seconds’ to intrigue viewers, i.e., spark their curiosity.
  • Hint how your video can be helpful (it will amuse people, teach them something, etc.).
  • Add a call-to-action element (make viewers want to share your video with pals).
  • Ensure that the inside of your video reflects its title (people should get what they expect).
  • Don’t finish your video without a goodbye (tell viewers when they should expect your next show-up).

These fundamentals will make your videos eagerly awaited by viewers.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to boost audience engagement amid fast-growing competitiveness. Still, if you are not afraid of challenges, it’s already a great start. Just ask yourself, “What is my uniqueness?” and “How can I be helpful to others?”. The answers will make you move in the right direction. We hope our tips will help you enhance your content-making skills and make your videos top-performing.