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6 Ways To Make Your Sex Life Better


Mar 15, 2018

Over time, thanks to the stresses and strains of life as well as a certain familiarity, it can easily happen; your sex life just isn’t what it once was. You’d rather go to bed with a good book or a box set on Netflix than your partner. It’s not that you don’t want to spend time reconnecting after a long day, it’s just that everything is so predictable and unexciting that it’s often easier not to bother.

However, sex and intimacy are very important to human beings. It is good for our health, both physically and mentally, and it helps us to bond more fully with our partners. So if there is a problem in your sex life, it’s time to address it. These useful tips on making your sex life better may be able to help you and your partner hit new heights in your relationship.

Love Your Own Body

People who have the most fulfilling sex lives are the ones who like their own bodies the most. They don’t worry about what people will think of them naked; they love themselves enough for it not to matter! However, those with a negative body image have a much harder time when it comes to gearing up for sex. Disliking the way they look can truly be an issue for some people, even if it isn’t a problem at all for their partners.

If you do have a problem with your body image then the best way to start enjoying your own body is to remember that everyone is different; there is no perfect, there is no ideal. Work on your look, get an haircut, epilate and remember that everyone has a different idea of what sexy and beautiful is, (after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder), and if your partner wants you, then you are their ideal! That should be enough to make you feel sexier to begin with. If you’re still struggling to feel sexy, you may want to do a photoshoot with your partner to see how you look through their eyes. It doesn’t have to be a nude photoshoot either if you’re more comfortable in clothes. Find an outfit that you love and pose in a way that feels natural to you. The more natural you are, the sexier you’ll be. You can always use an AI Clothes Remover afterwards to remove your clothes, giving you both a clothed and nude version to choose from.

Mind And Body Connection

Something else to remember when it comes to sex is that it isn’t a purely physical thing. Or rather, the best sex isn’t purely physical. It’s easy to have sex without any meaning behind it, but the connection between mind and body is what makes it wonderful. One great way to re-establish the mind and body connection (because it is so easily lost and sex can very quickly become a solely physical pursuit) is to do one thing every day that shows you how great your body is and how much you can do with it.

You might go for a run, or enjoy the sun shining on your face. You might play with the kids or go dancing with your partner. Whatever you are doing shouldn’t be sensual or sexual; it should just be something that gives you that mind and body connection and that proves to you that you are amazing.

Just Tease

One way to ensure that sex becomes wonderful is to not have it at all for a little while. You may be wondering what the point of that is; you may even already not be having sex at all, and it’s doing nothing for you. However, what we mean when we say not to have sex is that you should do everything but the deed itself. Tease and play, do a striptease, explore one another’s bodies, give one another a massage. You could even book into WINKS London to see how it should be done sensually. The more you are denied something that you want, the more you want it – and the better it will be when you finally give in!

Try Something New

For many people, it’s not the sex itself that is off-putting, but the repetitive, lazy way that it is done. Perhaps it’s the same every single time or you’ve got into a set routine. Is it any wonder that you’d rather be sleeping or reading or watching TV if you know what to expect at every moment? That’s why it’s essential to try something new if you want to liven up your sex life and make it more exciting once again.

Trying adventurous activities in bed will stimulate the brain and cause it to create more dopamine which increases sexual desire. So even if you’re trying something that you don’t think you’ll ever do again, in the moment, it can be exactly what you need.

What’s interesting is that the activities don’t have to be confined to the bedroom. Doing something that boosts the adrenalin such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, or rock climbing can have the same effect meaning that after you have enjoyed these activities, you’ll be more likely to want to jump into bed together once you get back home!

Talk About It

We’re not advocating sitting down and having an in-depth discussion about your sex life with your partner, although if you think that might help to solve the problems then go ahead. However, we are suggesting that you tell your partner what you want him or her to do for you and to you in bed. Show them how you want to be touched, and speak up if something isn’t working for you. This works both ways, of course, so if you want them to follow your instructions, you will need to be willing to do the same for them. It’s only fair, and that co-operation can certainly make things a lot more interesting when it comes to your sex life!

Do More Exercise

Not only will doing more exercise help you to feel more confident about your body, but it will also boost your amounts of pleasure hormones meaning that you will be more open to the idea of sex. Your cardiovascular system will be improved, you’ll have better circulation, you’ll be in a great mood, and because your blood is flowing quickly, you’ll feel more aroused too. You can choose any exercise that you like as long as it is good for your health and makes you feel good in general. It could make all the difference.

By Emily