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7 Effective Ways To Counter Depression

Mental health is just as important as physical health, however, oftentimes due to our hectic and chaotic daily lives many tend to overlook and neglect our mental health and just ‘suck it up’. This mentally has been a direct result to diagnosed cases of depression skyrocketing over the years. Feeling helpless and stuck is one of the most common yet impactful symptoms of depression, and we resign ourselves to thinking that medication is the only answer. However, there are many natural resources and solutions to help provide relief and positive effects on your mental and overall well-being, one example is the Florida baker act.  This article will provide insights and advice into some effective ways people have utilized to combat depression and improve their mental wellbeing. Depression is extremely tough and many feel alone when trying to cope, however, you are never alone, there are many resources out there for you as well as a magnitude of things you can implement easily into your daily life to help relieve symptoms of depression.

This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to deal with and counter depression and depressive symptoms. It will also provide some insight into how effective mental health awareness can arm you with a better understanding of your own mental health and well being. 

Here are 7 Effective Ways To Counter Depression:

  1. Therapy

If your depression is overwhelming you and you do not know how to cope or even where to start it may be time to engage the support and advice of a professional Psychologist Brisbane. They possess the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to tailor their proven strategies and methods to align with your life and your situation. Having one, unbiased point of contact can also give you the confidence to get everything off your chest and out of the table and they are specifically qualified to not only guide and help you navigate how you are feeling, they are also experienced in creating a safe, confidential and inviting space to share.

  1. Routine

Although when you are in the depths of depression, routine seems like the hardest thing in the world to stick to, it is vital to helping your brain feel more in control. Planning out small tasks and working your way up to a full daily schedule will keep you on track, reduce spiralling thoughts throughout the day and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.

  1. Exercise

Everything in our body is connected, and if we are looking after our physical health our mental health will follow. Studies have shown just how impactful physical exercise is on mental wellbeing. The good feeling chemical (endorphins) is created and during exercise your breathing is regulated which helps calm the nervous system as well as your mind.

  1. Proper Sleep Schedule

Sleep is absolutely vital to both our mental and physical health and well being. One of the first things to be negatively affected by depression is getting an appropriate amount of sleep. Too much or too little sleep is detrimental to our health and can make the symptoms of depression much worse. Trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time will help with your routine mind set, train your brain into a sleep schedule and you will soon see the improvement in your mental state.

  1. Balanced Diet

Just like exercising, eating healthy is essential to your overall well being, including your mental health. A poor diet can have a significant influence on your mood. This does not mean you should start yo-yo dieting, the exact opposite actually. It is important to ensure you are eating a balanced diet with everything in moderation with an emphasis on nourishing foods.

  1. Self Love

Stop beating yourself up. The way you are feeling when you are depressed will not last forever. Focus on yourself and the things that bring you joy and happiness. Whether that is practicing your hobby, listening to your favourite music or even vegging out in front of Netflix. Try not to dwell on the depression, it does not define you, find your happy place and spend a few moments taking care of number one – YOU!

  1. Connect With Loved Ones

Depression is an ugly monster that has the ability to convince us that we are all alone in our depression. This can often lead us to becoming withdrawn and detaching from our loved ones. However, connection with our friends and family, especially when we are struggling, is of the utmost importance. Do not be afraid to ask for help or express what you are going through. Lighten the burden and share with someone you love and trust – you will feel 100 times better!

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