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7 Reasons to Use Social Media to Sell a House


Nov 10, 2020

By: Raymond James

About the Author:

Ray is a sought after thought leader and an expert in financial and money management. He has been published and featured in over 50 leading sites and aims to contribute articles to help novice financial planners. One of his goals is to impart his knowledge in finance to educate and help ordinary people create and achieve their financial goals.

Nowadays, most people are creating digital platforms since newspapers, radio, and billboard ads are becoming a thing of the past. Social media brings both branding and call to action options in marketing. However, you need to have factual data to attain market leads and new clientele.

A good real estate agency like Shield management Ipswich will create some digital presence to maintain relevance in the competitive real estate market. Selling a house on social media requires more than just uploading a few photos on platforms like Instagram. Here are seven reasons why you should consider social media to sell a house.

  1. Better ROI

You don’t need to spend a fortune to market houses with social media. Unlike other marketing channels, social media is cheap to use, and you can get a wider audience. Even if you pay a little amount like $75 to sponsor an ad on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll have the potential of getting at least 5000 people to view the ad.

More so, some of these people will check the listing and contact you if interested. Also, most social media platforms will have some tracking capabilities. With the tracking data, you can easily know whether the money you’ve spent on advertising is providing any meaningful results.

  1. A Wider Audience

At the click of a button, you can sell a house to buyers within your country or state. Anyone can easily browse through your listings from the comfort of their home. While investors are looking for properties within a prime place, they will turn to the internet for listings.

Using options like Facebook and Instagram can assist you in reaching more leads. Both of these platforms have unique algorithms that can assist with targeting your audience. You can set the audience demographic, target locations, and the budget of your audience.

  1. A Better Marketing Trend

There are many reasons for you to consider using social media to achieve your real estate marketing needs. Check the time you spend on these platforms and think about utilizing most of it towards creating adverts and responding to your clients’ needs.

If you want to reach the millennial market, you have to use social media. Most millennials commence their search for a property online. In today’s fast-paced market, it’s easier to get all your ads in front of such a market and generate some meaningful leads.

  1. Collaboration Opportunities

Unlike traditional marketing, it’s harder to work with other agencies and compete for the same audience. With social media, this isn’t the case. You can collaborate with other real estate agencies to create listings that will benefit both parties.

Besides, if you’re not in the same location, you can collaborate to attain more views. More views mean that more eyes are looking at your listings. In return, it’s easier to make more sales through collaboration.

  1. No Marketing Limits

Social media is a tool where you can post freely. If you’re not financing your adverts, you can post as many listings as you’d like. Unlike traditional marketing channels like billboards, social media will be easier to post without any financial strain.

  1. Use of Keywords

Using social media to create listings is easy. All you have to understand are the different keywords or hashtags that you can use. To get your listing visible to most people, you can use some hashtags which millions of people follow.

The follower information is easy to know, and you can choose some tags which will be functional to the listing. Also, refrain from using too many keywords since your potential clients might consider this as spamming.

  1. Sharing Options

Most social media platforms have some sharing options for every post. With a property listing, you can have your team share the posts with as many people as they can. If you have meaningful details in the post, it’ll be easy to get more views and clients who will inquire about the listing.

Social media is one marketing tool that will not fade away any time soon. Using it to sell houses is one of the wisest decisions that real estate firms can make. Find the offerings of the different platforms and check the advertising capabilities that you can enjoy

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