Exercising daily is a great habit. But going to the gym every day is hard. If you constantly have to travel for work or don’t have a lot of free time then having a gym membership isn’t worth your time.

At the starting of the pandemic when gym and fitness studios were closed across the nation, many people turned to home workouts to stay in a shape. But thinking of creating a home gym and actually making it happen is entirely different.

It’s been very hard to find the home workout gears, since the covid-19 pandemic. But now, it has become easier with Reebok fitness, if you want to set up a home gym.

Here is the list of fitness gears you must have at your home gym.


There is no great piece of cardio equipment you can have other than a treadmill. But if you have space then a treadmill is a must for you. A treadmill is one of the first items you would want for a home gym, aside from the exercise bike.

It’s a little more expensive than other gym equipments. It’s difficult to find a good and reliable treadmill.

Most treadmills have features like running surface, the manual incline setting, LSD display and the handlebar sensor.

Rowing Machine:

If you go to the gym, you will find that rowing machines are always occupied. There are two types of model available in the market, electric model and water-powered model.

Well, both the machines do the same job. The rowing machine engages both your upper and lower body. If you want to do a low-impact cardio workout and still burn your fat then rowing is an ideal exercise for you. Rowing is certainly a full-body workout that targets almost every major muscles group in your body.

Exercise Bicycle:

You cannot complete your home gym without an exercise bike. There are a variety of exercise bicycles available such as wind-powered air bikes, stand-up bikes, stationary bikes etc.

One of the most effective ways to burn calories and body fat is riding an exercise bike. It also helps in strengthening your heart, lungs and muscles.

Riding an exercise bicycle puts less stress on your joints, but still offers an excellent aerobic workout.


If you want to target every major muscle group, including arms, legs, back and chest then your home gym must have a good set of dumbbells.

They don’t require much space. They are easy to store as well as versatile. Dumbbells can be used in many different kinds of workout.

Yoga mat:

Yoga has become a prominent form of exercise. Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise for the mind and the body. As western exercise targets only the body, but yoga targets the mind and the body. Not only it improves flexibility, muscles tone and blood circulation but also provides inner peace and calmness.

Yoga plays a vital role in reducing stress, anxiety, depression and also keeps you calm in adverse stations.

Resistance Band:

Most people underestimate the benefits of resistance bands. Most people prefer dumbbells or weight benches for strength training.

Bust resistance bands are extremely versatile, lightweight and easy to store. You can use them either on their own or with other workout programs. The resistance bands come with a differing maximum limit for length and weight. Most resistance bands are made of latex and highly elastic.


Kettlebells are the most overlooked equipment at the gym. But they can engage multiple muscle groups of your body, just like dumbbells.

Kettlebells are very effective for developing a base of strength and mobility. Swinging a kettlebell can pump your heart, burn your fat and tone your muscles.   

Since buying many kettlebells for a home gym can be an issue due to a lack of space, adjustable kettlebells can be used instead. This allows you to slowly add weight increments over time as you get stronger and ensures you can keep challenging yourself across a variety of exercises.

The Take-Away:

Fitness has to be simple and practical. Going to the gym is a tiring process in metro cities as you have to face never-ending traffic and overcrowded gyms. So how can you stay fit, active and healthy with such hurdles coming your way?

Owning a home gym can be the solution for many of these issues. Any time in the day, you can do a quick session at your home gym. If you possess a home gym you won’t even have any excuse for not hitting a gym.

Exercise at home has become trendy and more popular because of the variety of equipment are easily available. Having a home gym is like having fitness at your fingertips.