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8 Cool Women Jackets to Wear This Spring

ByDave Stopher

May 22, 2021

Spring is a strangely beautiful season. For fashion enthusiasts and anyone who wants to stay in style, this is the season to shine. After the covered-up winter clothes, it is time to change the style but not entirely. Spring brings a strange kind of chill in the air and hence it takes a little bit of combination to make the clothes look trendy.

One clothing item that can be used irrespective of the season is a Jacket. For online businesses like https://www.blueillusion.com/ this is the time they get to experiment. So, there are a number of jacket options that women can choose from this spring.
Let us explore some of them:

The Classic Styles to Remember

1.   Longline Jackets

Be it high-waist jeans and light-coloured crop tops, longline jackets can be a great option to wear even in the height of spring. These are mostly winter jackets and are mostly available in dark colours. They are baggy, soft, and extremely comfortable hence they can be easily worn in the time of season change.

2.   Quilted Jackets

Puffer jackets, as they are commonly called, quilted jackets are lightweight and waterproof coats to wear in winter. But these can be a great option to wear in spring. They are a great combination of leggings, jeans, and shirts. Not to mention they are good protection against the light spring rains.

3.   Blazers

The first choice for anyone’s professional wear, be it Spring or Summer – blazers are never going out of style. In the present work-from-home situation, we often don’t get a chance to wear the blazers on occasions. So why not combine them with certain casual pieces to make it a trendy outfit. Mix up the colours and combine them with a skirt to have a good outdoor look of any colour you desire.

4.   Shoulder Shrugs

Shrugs can just be called the introduction of summer to the closet. So when you choose shoulder shrugs in Spring, you know that summer is very close behind. These are lightweight, soft clothes that are available in both short and long lengths. They can be worn with anything from turtle necks to sleeveless and off-shoulders.

5.   Belted Jackets

If there is one thing that goes as the best combination with a jacket of any kind, it is belts. There may be a hundred options to choose from, but there is very little chance to go wrong with a belted jacket. These can be one of the trendiest styles, be it a waist belt, denim jackets, or even a blazer. Therefore, choose any of the two items in your closet and try it out – it might just surprise you!

6.   Light Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a big hit with a lot of women. The advantage of wearing this is two-fold: the comfortable texture and the range of colours. Light leather jackets are the best thing to choose in Spring. They go with the weather and are usually waterproof. These jackets go very nicely with light and pale colours. Mostly because of their shiny look, they go with bright coloured outfits worn as their base.

7.   Military Jumpers

Who can say No to the old-school military print jackets? The most important feature of these jackets is how the colour remains neutral and can be worn with bright or light colours. Available in zip-up, buttons, or open – military jackets are as comfortable as they are trendy. There is no issue of matching it up with any specific kind of outfit and are perfect for the light chilly season.

8.   Trench Coats

The last and the most classic jacket that must be included in this list are the good old Trench Coats. Trench Coats are a fashion statement that is quite timeless and women adore it as their go-to option. Trench coats are a very versatile option to have in anyone’s closet. Available in a wide range of colours and they can be worn with any possible outfit that is chosen for the day. This is why not just for spring but trench coats can be the style statement for any woman time of the year.

Remember, it is always about the style and clothes that make you feel comfortable. And in a way, Spring gives way to the trends that can define the fashion of all the months ahead. So get ready to pick and choose your favourite jackets with any of your outfits. This is actually the perfect time.