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A Nostalgic Nation: Brits’ favourite way to spend time with their Grandparents


Sep 3, 2021

Reminiscing about the past (32%) is the nation’s favourite activity to do with their grandparents, new research has revealed. 

The study was conducted by Gala Bingo, the nation’s favourite bingo site, to launch its new Paddle Pals TV advert, which celebrates the bond we have with our grandparents. 

Playing card games (31%), looking through old photographs (30%) and baking (30%) were some of the other ways in which we cherish time with Grandma and Grandad.  

Men and women tend to have different favourites, however, as while talking about history is the favourite grandparent pastime for men, baking takes the top spot for women. Almost two in five (38%) women say baking is their favourite thing to do with their grandparents, compared to just 21% of men. Yet men and women equally enjoy spending time planting and pruning in the garden (26%) with their elders. 

Interestingly, age plays a part in which activities are most enjoyed. Cooking alongside their grandparents is a popular activity for both the 25-34 (41%) and the 35-44 (33%) age groups. For the younger generation (18-24), taking the dog for a walk with their grandparents topped the list at 31%. 

Overall, the nation’s top 10 favourite activities to do with their grandparents are: 

  1. Talking about the past – 32% 
  1. Playing cards – 31% 
  1. Going through old photos – 30% 
  1. Baking – 30% 
  1. Cooking – 28%  
  1. Playing board games – 28% 
  1. Gardening – 26% 
  1. Walking – 23% 
  1. Going to the park – 23% 
  1. Doing puzzles, crosswords, word games –20% 

Dog walking (15%), taking a trip to the beach (15%) and puzzling over jigsaws (19%) were among the other wholesome activities that were mentioned but didn’t quite make the top 10. Sporty activities such as swimming (4%) and bowling (3%) were some of the least popular endeavours. 

There is also variation across the UK. Playing board games with the grandparents is the preferred activity for people in Bristol (37%) and Edinburgh (37%), whereas taking a stroll around a park is the favourite thing to do for those in Liverpool (31%) and Sheffield (33%).  

Psychotherapist and author Andre Radmall commented that: “The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is immensely important. Spending time with each other provides innumerable benefits for both. 

“Grandchildren can learn from the experience of grandparents, passing on their wisdom through to adulthood which can be a rewarding and meaningful experience for grandchildren.”

Karina Adrian, head of brand marketing at Gala Bingo, said: “It’s really great to see the nations appreciation and love we share for our grandparents. There are so many shared experiences between a grandparent and their grandchild, with this research reflecting just how much of a positive impact the bonds with our grandparents can have on us as adults. 

“We hope this research has inspired people to spend some quality time with their grandparents this week and reminisce on good times spent with them.” 


For more information about Gala Bingo, visit: https://www.galabingo.com/