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REVEALED: The average Brit has spent £300 to renovate their garden over the past year

ByJane Sloane

Sep 3, 2021

With summer in full swing, Brits are in search of new ways to make their outdoor spaces feel more like home. Lockdown has pushed many of us to spend more time in our own gardens, leading households to invest in new furniture and outdoor lighting.

Recent research by leading lighting supplier Ultra LEDs revealed the average household spent £300 on garden renovations this past year, while 60% admitted to purchasing at least three new items to upgrade their outdoor spaces.

Of these items, some proved to be more popular than others, with furniture (84%) and lighting solutions (76%) taking the lead.

Following close behind were a lick of paint (61%) and fresh flowers (59%) showing that Brits are not only spending their hard-earned money on renovations, but their time as well.

Reasons for wanting to make these changes were varied, but 57% of respondents said they wanted their gardens to be a space where they could relax.

A further 31% stated that entertaining guests was their primary reason for making renovations, while just 8% confessed that they needed a project to pass the extra time they had on their hands.

Paul Garner, Head of Ecommerce at Ultra LEDs commented: “We’ve seen a lot of customers looking for outdoor lights that are easy to install over the past year. Homeowners want to be able to make changes to their gardens themselves, which has meant our lighting kits have been very popular.

“I think our bestseller has definitely been festoon lights. These help people create an outdoor dining effect like you might find in a café or restaurant, which people have been missing during lockdown.

“We have bulbs in lots of different colours as well as classic white. Because they can be bought individually, DIYers can really customise their display.”

While festoon lights were a big hit with Brits across the country, spotlights, step lights and bollards were also popular choices.

While Ultra LED’s survey showed that Brits living in flats were the least likely to spend on outdoor decorations, string lights and potted plants proved to be strong choices for anyone looking to decorate their balcony.

Top 10 outdoor items Brits have bought during lockdown::

1.     Furniture (84%)

2.     Lighting (76%)

3.     Paint (61%)

4.     Fresh flowers (59%)

5.     Bird feeders (43%)

6.     Small sculptures (41%)

7.     Sheds and storage (28%)

8.     Water features (20%)

9.     Shrubs and trees (14%)

10.  Fences (6%)