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Connectors: An unmissable component in any IT component

ByDave Stopher

Sep 3, 2021

The usage of electronic devices in our lives has increased substantially especially because we dwell in the smartphone age. Apart from that, our lives revolve around technology because it has made life easier and more efficient for everyone. No matter what devices or appliances we use, they all have a mediator component called the connector. This essential tool is utilized to facilitate the improved functioning of any circuit path, which supplies the required power to the devices. Additionally, it eliminates the interruptions caused during the flow of current for the device to run securely and smoothly. It is also used to provide restricted power as per the appliance’s need.

Connectors are affixed in circuit boards and other parts for connecting the devices. The two intrinsic parts of this cable connection are known as male and female. Wherein, the plugs or the two circuits connecting inside form the male part, while the circuit supporting the connector is the female part. These two major components conduct a transfer of data or power for a better, unhindered performance of electrical devices. The electrical conductors are commonly fitted in the day-to-day used electronics where some assist in transferring data and some are used in circuits to power the device.

What are the viable uses of connectors?

Plugs and Socket

 The most common type used to transfer electric current for the continuous working of devices is the Plug and Socket. Since every electrical device that we use needs adequate power to operate. The duo of plug and socket in every household appliance eases the power connection. These power plugs get connected to the electric-operated device for supplying enough electric current to function well. These have different power holding capabilities, but the end goal is fulfilling the lighting purposes without risking people’s safety.


These are usually used inside the device like computers to power them without any disruption. They are used for low voltage power in breakout boards and sensor modules and can be used to transfer power and data.

These connecting agents are usually used in higher power consumption devices to transmit electrical signals. It is incorporated to survive more troublesome conditions without any power leaking. Their cylindrical shape makes them resistant to mechanical outbursts avoiding damage.

What are the purposeful benefits of connectors?

  • Circular connectors can be easily disconnected during power failures making them much safer. A protective barrier is enclosed in the connecting tool that prohibits data leakage.
  • The cable junction easily supports heavy loads, which is why they are deployed for machinery. Their installation comes in manual and handy, which does not require much technical knowledge.
  • They are prone to surviving extreme conditions without much wear and tear. Thus, these connecting tools are serviced in military equipment, industrial application, and the aeronautical industry.
  • The circular connector tool withholds mechanical turbulence because of its metal shell on the end of the part. It allows more durability and doesn’t hinder the electric connection.
  • The circular connectors used in cables are flexible and come in a wide range of specifications and designs. This dynamism helps in catering to the various project needs of people without hassle.