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AC Cars delivers deep insight into production of the sensational new AC Cobra GT Roadster


Jan 23, 2024 #AC Cars
  • AC Cars is Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer
  • First reveal of the chassis for the new AC Cobra GT Roadster
  • A bespoke, precision engineered platform, unique to AC Cars
  • Cutting edge design and construction to underpin future models
  • Enquiries and orders for the new roadster now open at ac.cars

AC Cars, Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer, is sharing insight into the ongoing production of the new AC Cobra GT Roadster. The first in a series of client consultancy meetings have offered a deeper understanding into the new AC Cobra GT Roadster, and revealed a level of engineering unheard of in any iteration of the AC Cobra.

Heritage meets innovation
The new AC Cobra GT Roadster represents a quantum leap forward in the story of the legendary sports car. Far from being an evolution, this new model marks a revolution in design and performance. The car’s advanced platform has been meticulously developed by a team of industry experts, focusing on integrating state-of-the-art components while maintain the highest safety standards.

Incomparable with rivals, the new AC Cobra GT Roadster not only benefits from cutting-edge materials and construction techniques and but also the comprehensive testing and development process undertaken. Rigorously assessed, using real-world and virtual environments, it more than meets the high expectations of modern supercar enthusiasts.

Unique in its combination of timeless aesthetics with cutting-edge design and construction techniques, the new car from Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer was conceived as future proof, and holds huge potential for the company going forward.

The AC Cobra GT Roadster has the handling and performance, as well as the refinement, that are the hallmarks of an exclusive sports car and it is truly worthy of inheriting the famous AC Cobra name.

The results from the benchmarking have demonstrated that the investment made in the development of the supercar have paid off – as the AC Cobra GT Roadster not only meets but surpasses the company’s demands.

“Through the development of the new AC Cobra GT Roadster, we are providing an experience on a par to driving the original AC Cobra in its heyday but with an unrivalled level of sophistication.” said CEO David Conza of AC Cars. “Some companies rely on engineering akin to that of the 1960s, but we believe that for the 2020s and beyond you must break new ground. High performance, highly exclusive sports cars must provide new levels of driver engagement and refinement, as well as outstanding safety. We needed to produce a car that’s as rewarding to drive and as fast as it is beautiful.”

Extremely light and with exceptional torsional rigidity, the AC Cobra GT Roadster’s highly advanced design was intentionally developed for an open-top car. Partnering with leading industry suppliers and drawing on considerable experience within the automotive and motorsport sectors, the novel aluminium design was conceived and its construction executed. An automotive work of art, its completion ensures the new AC Cobra GT Roadster delivers on its promise.

Exhibiting the new bespoke chassis that underpins the AC Cobra GT Roadster allows clients to fully appreciate the complexity of engineering and sophistication employed on the new sports car.

AC Cars was a partner in the original AC Cobra, and the manufacturer of all original AC Cobra chassis in the 1960s. Through the modification of the existing AC Ace, which had been altered to accommodate the 2.6-litre Ford Zephyr engine in early 1961, the design was later strengthened and included more modern suspension. All period AC Cobra chassis left the company’s factory in Thames Ditton, England.

However, despite its sterling service, the traditional ladder chassis concept had reached the end of the road in terms and safety and performance, and the arrival of David Conza, first as an investor and later CEO, provided the impetus to produce a new car fit for the 21st century.

To learn more about the AC Cobra GT Roadster and to place orders for this extraordinary vehicle, please visit ac.cars. Orders for this exceptional supercar are now open, and AC Cars is looking forward to providing the ultimate driving experience to its valued customers.

About AC Cars
The Weller Brothers established what is now Britain’s oldest vehicle manufacturer in 1901, producing cars and motorbikes from their workshop in West Norwood, London. The nascent company produced its first vehicle in 1903, but the Autocarrier was introduced a year later (from which the name AC was later derived). This was the first three-wheel commercial delivery vehicle and proved an instant success.

However, the AC Ace cemented the company’s status following its launch in 1953. With an aluminium body designed and built by Eric George Gray, it gained the respect of racing enthusiasts for its everyday practicality and racing pace. This was the car which would evolve to incorporate the Ford V8 and become the AC Cobra of legend.

Over the years, the AC Cobra has endured, with its unmistakable shape and unique design. With production limited and every car built to an exacting standard, it remains reserved for exclusive clientele.

With its own facilities in the UK and Germany, AC Cars is working with leading industry suppliers for the AC Cobra GT Roadster’s design and development, and construction of the new car heralds the return of European production for the company’s vehicles. In addition to its Donington HQ, AC Cars will continue to expand its development and production capabilities in the UK.

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