Following the recent general election, Newcastle International Airport is now once again urging the government to announce specific measures to support English regional airports from the impacts of Air Passenger Duty (APD) devolution to Scotland.

With Scotland having now introduced its Air Departure Tax Bill as a replacement for APD and committed to reducing it from 2018, Newcastle Airport maintains the view that the government should undertake to at least match any reductions in Scotland across the rest of the country.

As discussions continue following the election, the North East’s largest airport notes that politicians and political parties from various parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland, are in favour of abolishing APD.

Nick Jones, Chief Executive, Newcastle Airport, said:

“The issue of APD is a particular concern for airports in northern England, as the devolved Scottish government has been given the authority to reform and reduce the burden of APD north of the border. We also recognise that it is an issue for airports in Northern Ireland.

“Given the impact of changes to APD in Scotland on both the Airport and the North East economy is so great, we would urge the government to agree a national solution. That way, we’ve got a fair system without market distortions and a level playing field throughout the UK.”