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CaptureAn industry leader is working hard to get more businesses to be proactive about their IT for winter.

Integrity Technology Services was formed in 2010 with the vision to provide and deliver, to small and medium sized businesses, a personal, flexible and competent service.

Jon Place, Managing Director asks the question are you Winter Ready? Jon has seen businesses approach him for help when it is too late.

Can your staff work from home? That is the question that Jon Place asks as we come up to the winter months.

Jon said: “As the country greets the wintery weather (as well as the kids cold and flu) staff absences inevitably increase due to unforeseen circumstances.”

The knock on effect of this can be potentially damaging for any business. This is why Integrity Technology Services are working with businesses in the region to make them ‘Winter Ready’.

Jon argues that in today’s world these lost days can be reclaimed – “We cannot get away from technology as it is incorporated within most items that we use on a daily basis. So why is it that wintery conditions still claims so many working hours each winter?

“We are working with local businesses to allow their workforce to be more flexible when it comes weather related absences. Of course most staff need to be at the office however the one day where you cannot get there we can provide a solution to reduce the lost working hours.”

Jon advises that the questions you need to ask yourself are,

The main questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do you have the system software for your staff to work from home?

  • Do you have computers/tablets/USB’s for your staff to take home?

  • Are the systems your staff use secure?

  • Do you have your Machines in the correct place?

With Integrity Technology they can give you a full winter MOT to see if you are ready for winter, asses your situation and cover the following questions and areas as a basis, but also answer any questions and areas you wish to cover.

  • How easy is it to get my staff fully able to work from home?

  • Look at Online Data Storage

  • Discuss Individual logins and passwords

  • Where should my computers and servers be housed?

  • Am I using them to their full potential?

If you would like to find out any further information about Integrity Technology Services then contact Jon Place on 0191 34 100 34 or alternatively, email him on: support@integrity-technology.co.uk.

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