• Colleagues nominate who is most like their mum at work
  • One colleague in particular is recognised for her courageous and loving attitude
Colleagues at Asda Bishop Auckland are celebrating Mother’s Day this year not only with their own mums, but also with their ‘work mums’.
There is always someone at work who looks after everyone and at Asda Bishop Auckland, it’s Denise Guyler, 54, the customer trading manager.
Denise has had an extensive career at Asda, working at stores in West Bridgford, Langley Mill, Grantham and Spennymoor before taking a role at Bishop Auckland where she has been based for the last two years.
The ‘Work Mum’ titles, as voted for by friends and colleagues, was awarded to Denise following her sheer dedication as well as the fun and love she brings into the workplace on a day-to-day basis.
Denise is the youngest of ten children and despite not having any children of her own, believes that the amazing parenting skills demonstrated by her mother have shaped her caring and approachable working style on which her ‘Work Mum’ reputation is built.
Asda Bishop Auckland’s Community Champion, Anne Tindale, who nominated Denise, said: “Denise is an unbelievably great lady, she’s always smiling and treats everybody equally, whatever their role in store.
“She is a wonderful, hardworking and conscientious colleague and a tremendous asset to Asda Bishop Auckland. She’s a great listener and always the first person to suggest dressing up for just about anything!”
“Denise deserves to be recognised, not only for being such a fantastic person to work with but also for being such a wonderful work mother – we are all very lucky to have her!”
Denise said: “I’m so touched that my colleagues nominated me. I must admit, I am very mumsy and am always making a fuss and looking after everyone.
“We’re like one big Asda family here in Bishop Auckland and helping others, especially colleagues, is one of the many reasons I find the job so rewarding!”