Author: Vicky Randall

Brexit Response From RICS On North East’s Property Markets

Geoff White, RICS Policy Manager, North & Midlands said: “Uncertainty over the renegotiation and the North East’s future relationship with the EU must be minimised by laying out a clear timeline and set of ambitions. The Chancellor’s proposed ‘Brexit Budget’ must be careful to reassure the region’s property markets.

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H&H Group PLC Referendum Commen

As a large business in the agricultural sector The H&H Group and all of our businesses including Harrison & Hetherington, our livestock Auctioneering business, and H&H Land and Property will continue to work hard to support all our farmers and customers as we have done for generations.

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Can You Save The Moon?

Interest in space has reached Tim Peake levels following the British Astronaut’s pioneering stay on the International Space Station, but as we look to the stars what are the questions surrounding further space travel, and who actually owns the Moon?

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