The Bank Holiday this weekend means many people will be turning their hands to a spot of DIY, but Northumbrian Water is warning customers to take extra care before they carry out any work on the plumbing in their homes.

Even something as simple as using the wrong type of tap or washer can have an impact on the quality of tap water in the home, including the appearance, taste and smell. This is why Northumbrian Water recommends using plumbers that are part of the Watersafe accreditation scheme.

In most cases water companies are responsible for the water pipes that run underneath the streets, but once pipework crosses the boundary to a property it becomes the homeowner’s responsibility. This includes ensuring that the water system inside the home meets legal water fitting regulations.

To avoid having a negative impact on the water quality, Northumbrian Water advises customers to only use taps and fittings that are approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). The easiest way to ensure this is to use a plumber endorsed by Watersafe.

Watersafe is a national accreditation body funded by the water industry to help customers find competent and qualified plumbers. The scheme checks and approves businesses to give customers reassurance about the tradesmen undertaking work for them.

The Watersafe service brings together thousands of qualified contractors from the seven existing approved contractor schemes across the UK. Customers can use the search function at to find an approved contractor near them.

Joanna Wilkins, Water Quality Manager for Northumbrian Water said: “Poor quality plumbing inside the home can have a serious impact on your water quality, so don’t take the risk by using poor quality products or plumbing practices.

“Using a contractor approved by the Watersafe scheme is the easiest way to ensure that any plumbing work you have carried out at your home meets all the required regulations.

If you are carrying out any plumbing work yourself it’s a good idea to have the number of a Watersafe approved contractor stored in your phone, just in case anything goes wrong!”

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