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Bathroom sinks: Why can it be wise to go with an undermount model?

ByDave Stopher

Sep 15, 2020 #property

Buying a sink for your bathroom can be different than getting one for your kitchen. But emotions and expectations cannot be any less. While the design’s aesthetic appeal can take precedence over functionality, you will still want it to be the most efficient and versatile piece in your bathroom. It also makes sense because most sinks demand the central location for being the busiest feature. If you disagree, check the number of times you access it compared to the others when you visit your private space. Since it draws the most attention for its place in the bathroom and utility, you can afford to be little particular about its appearance.

As such, there can be diverse attractive options to look up, such as vessel sinks. But if you dream of having a luxurious bathroom, go with an undermount bathroom sink. The stylish features and clean lines make it a commensurate partner for modern and contemporary interiors. No matter where you keep it, the corner instantly becomes the highlight for the aura it carries. There can be other reasons also why you may admire this feature. Let’s get into them for a quick understanding.

The benefits of using undermount sinks in bathrooms


As you have to mount it from below the cabinet, your countertop becomes free and looks spacious. It creates a feeling of continuous flow as the sink merges with the countertop edges from beneath. The unique design demonstrates a flush appeal and an incredible sleek personality. Whether you choose ceramic, porcelain, or solid surface, you can generate the same effect. Plus, you also get the scope to be creative with your countertop and sink combination. However, it will be best if you choose a granite surface for the top of the counter. Undermount sinks tend to be bulky and need proper support for their weight. Granite, being the sturdy material, can take care of this.

Enhanced interiors

As evident, undermount designs leave significant space on the countertop because of such installation requirements. They don’t eat into the counter’s top area. Hence, you get a chance to accessorize the free extra inches to your heart’s content. For instance, you can add a magnifying mirror on the wall behind to create a sense of expansiveness and rich décor. You don’t get this convenience with vessel sinks and others. It can make you whack your mind a bit to come up with some creative ideas when you use a vessel sink as it sits atop the cabinet and takes up significant space of the cabinet’s surface and a few inches above for its height.

Essentially, using an undermount model means having access to utility and superior design concepts. When you complete the look of your vanity or countertop with a ceramic sink to open up the area, you allow yourself to exploit minimalist décor and smart storage. Still, keep the countertop clear so that your vanity area looks inviting and airy.

Better maintenance

Cleaning an undermount design is not a challenge, unlike a top-mount one where the overlapping flange tends to intrude on your movement. You can clean the vanity top and sink in one sweep. Make sure you don’t leave your sink dirty after you wipe down the countertop. Otherwise, the dirty water spots and grime can spoil the look of the bright, clean sink surface. For these bathroom sinks, you don’t need to gather any special materials. A soft sponge or microfiber cloth and a mild soapy solution can be more than enough. You can dip the fabric in the soap water and gently rub it on the basin to remove anything that affects its clean image.

No water splashing

People often face the issue of water splashing with vessel sinks if not installed right. The sink height and the position of the faucet have to be in perfect sync to help you avoid this. But you don’t have to worry about it with an undermount sink. These sinks usually come with pre-drilled holes for faucets. Plus, the options in shapes and heights allow you to get the right sink and faucet combination for your bathroom. The deeper sinks don’t let the water drops to fly away to keep your countertop and floor dry and hygienic.


Whether you do small or full-scale upgrades, you will want every feature to be long-lasting. With a vessel sink, you can imagine your bathroom to look enchanting. But you cannot depend on it to be always there for you. Since it rests on the countertop, the surface remains exposed to the risks of cracking and chipping. And if yours is a cheap glass material, you have to be additionally careful. However, the doubts about long-lastingness cease when you have an undermount model. The sink consists of porcelain, ceramic, and solid surface. Then, a significant part of the body hides under the cabinet or vanity, reducing its exposure to most of the common risks.


While its low profile can be one reason why it adds to your bathroom’s overall interior design, its inherent nature of blending with any surroundings you marry it with for your creative pleasure is another aspect to consider. You can imagine it with any natural stone countertop, such as quartz, granite, etc. It can mix and match well with your choices to fulfill your designing goals.

In reputed stores, you would come across rectangular and square-shaped undermount sinks. Even these geometric features can have variations due to their distinct edges. You can choose any of them based on the size of the countertop and overall bathroom.

The only drawback is you may not get these bathroom basins in different colors. They usually come in a white base. It should not be a problem, though; as it is a neutral shade that seamlessly goes with any other color tones. You can use its elegance to leverage a darker or lighter interior theme. As far as the prices go, your primary focus has to be on quality. As long as it is a high-end design embodying strength and attractiveness, you don’t have to worry about this factor.

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