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Best Premier League Players in 2019

The English Premier League is regarded as the most competitive and exciting league in the world. Featuring the best soccer talent from around the globe, most of the big clubs are comprised of the best international players. It is the wealthiest league and arguably the most fast-paced and vibrant.

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So who are the players that light up the English Premiership?

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly has come a long way since playing in the Egyptian leagues of his native country. Currently, he is regarded as one of the best players in the world and Liverpool fans have been enthralled by his range of dribbling and finishing skills and pace on the ball.

His finishing rate is outstanding averaging almost a goal a game in the 2017-2018 season, and he has shown he can do it in the Champions League. This player is so good that even non-Liverpool fans think he is brilliant.

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is regarded as one of the best wingers in the world, possibly one of the best to have lived. The Belgium international came to the forefront of attention when he transferred to Chelsea FC in 2012. Since this his dazzling wing play and eye for goal have seen him become a fan favorite, lifting some of the most impressive trophies in the game.

Next season Hazard will not be gracing the Premiership with his wing wizardry. He transferred to Real Madrid where he is on a believed to be earning £400,000 per week. Nonetheless, when sporting historians look back at the league’s best players, Hazard will feature highly in their list.

Jorginho Frello

Italian midfield maestro Jorginho joined Chelsea in 2018 and has impressed with his versatility and composure. He is capable of playing in any midfield position and has earned praise for his positional play.

Last season he completed more passes than any other midfield player. On average 75% of his passes were accurate completing 2782 passes throughout the season.

Originally hailing from Brazil but growing up and playing his football from Italy, one of the world’s giant footballing nations, he has represented his country 16 times so far in his career.

Lukasz Fabianski

Polish international Lukasz Fabianski made more saves than any other keeper last season. The West Ham United FC player was voted ‘Hammer of the Year’ and has quickly grown into a fan favorite after joining the club for £7m in the 2018 season.

Last season Fabianski made 149 saves averaging just under four a game. This is higher than any other keeper in the premier league.

In the keeper shirt, Fabianski has represented Poland 49 times.

Lucas Digne

Digne’s performances last season for his club Everton FC saw him make more crosses than any other player in the league. He made 1108 crosses that found their mark throughout the season and demonstrated an average of just over 30% successful crosses made.

The player has represented France 19 times on the world stage, and he also netted four times for his club last season.

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