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Best Sexting Lines to Get You Through the Pandemic

ByDave Stopher

Nov 28, 2021

Sexting is a fun way to stay connected with your partner when you can’t be with them. And yet, it’s just as easy to get stuck in a rut with sexting as it is in the actual bedroom. Below are some sexting lines that can help shake up your routine and keep things interesting no matter how long you and your partner are in different places.

  1. What Are You Doing?

This sexting line might seem innocuous, but that’s part of the charm. When you use this, you’re also doing some secret probing to see if now is a good time to sext. If they are in the middle of a client meeting, then you have your answer: no. If they say something like, “I’m in bed wishing you were next to me,” then you can ask for the green light to go a bit further.

  1. Guess What I’m Doing…

If you know something you do will be enticing for your partner, announce it! There’s no better segue into sexting than tantalizing them on purpose. Things that will often do the trick include telling them you’re getting into the shower or getting out of the shower, telling them about a change in your wardrobe (not wearing underwear, sleeping naked, etc.), or mentioning that you’re trying out a new sex toy. This sexting line also gives them the option to let you know that now isn’t a good time but that they’d like to hear more later. Don’t let a setback ruin your vibe! Timing can throw a wrench in things, but it can also amp up the anticipation. Wait until later if now isn’t the best time to get into it.

  1. I Want You to Hear My Latest Fantasy.

Whatever you think about when you need to get in the mood is what you want to tell them here. Better yet, you can gauge their interest in turning the fantasy into a reality. More importantly, you can gauge your interest. Many fantasies are meant to be just that: fun daydreams that allow us to imagine other sexy realities. If you don’t want to bring your fantasies to life, it doesn’t make them any less valid—or any less hot to share with your partner.

  1. I Want to Try Something New with You.

Telling your partner about something new you want to do is always a winning sexting line. Make sure they are okay with it first—no one likes to be surprised by an intense change of pace sexually. And then allow yourself to explore the boundaries of your sexuality together. Maybe you want to try a new sex toy, or maybe you want to engage in a kinky power exchange. As long as you both keep an open mind, it will make the sexting even hotter.

  1. Remember When?

Bringing up the past is only a buzzkill when you’re in the middle of a fight. Otherwise, it can be really hot. If you had a particularly sexy time on your last trip together (even if it was just a trip to the kitchen counter), bring it up during your sext. Bonus: you don’t have to dream up something new—you can rely on your memory to keep the sexting going strong.

  1. I Had the Most Intense Dream About You

Dreams aren’t always sexy. But when they are, it’s so much fun to share with a partner during sexting. If you have a sex dream about your partner, tell them why it was so hot for you. It will give them a little insight into your subconscious—as well as what you like in the bedroom.

If you don’t have a sexting partner yet but would like to find one, use a reputable site that will protect your privacy.