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Boost the Budget reaches £80,000 target — thank you!

Darlington FC is proud to announce that the Boost the Budget initiative has reached its £80,000 target in just a month, which means that in six years, generous and loyal Darlington fans have invested over £1.1 million in the club!

Last year, the fans raised £40,000 to boost the budget for the season just ended, but this year’s sterling effort has doubled that amount.

Darlington director John Tempest said; “Yet again, when the fans have been asked to raise money, they’ve come up trumps, and proved that we’re not just fans, we’re a family at Darlington FC. It shows how strong the feeling of togetherness is at the club, and how much we want the manager and team to succeed.

“Visiting directors, officials and fans to our club are amazed at how much we have raised over the last six years, and are so complimentary towards our fan base. It is truly amazing to raise such a large amount in just over a month, and I must, on behalf of the club, sincerely thank everyone who has contributed.”

Darlington FC Supporters Group chair Chris Stockdale said; “The amount that has been pledged has exceeded all expectations, and has been a fantastic team effort by everyone involved – the people who put the scheme together, those who have publicised it and those who have contributed towards it.

“It is amazing that over 350 people have pledged, it shows that they have bought into the ethos of our fan-owned club and want to back Tommy Wright. When we set up the scheme, we stated that people could pay as little or as much as they wanted, and that was perfectly acceptable. All of it goes towards what we feel is a competitive playing budget for the manager, and provides us with a sustainable financial position.”

Manager Tommy said; “Darlington fans never cease to amaze me, I can assure them that the money won’t be wasted. I would like to thank every Darlington fan who has contributed. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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