Every brand, service or an organization requires effective marketing in order to first exist and thereafter improve its image in the market. The world has witnessed great hundreds and thousands of creative campaigns over the time, which have allowed several companies to make millions and billions in profits. However, there have also been examples of organizations who have incurred great losses or lost their brand image in the global market due to ineffective or minimal brand marketing. This article discusses how the BTC has indulged in several forms of marketing strategies in order to create global awareness about it. The article covers recent news related to bitcoin marketing and advertising campaigns around the world.

Bitcoin Ads Circulate in Newspapers Worldwide

The number of bitcoin adverts appearing in major newspapers is growing as a bitcoin advertisement took the entire front page of a leading Chinese newspaper in Hong Kong, Apple Daily, Bitcoin Prime. The digital coin was also recently featured in India’s The Economic Times, Britain’s Financial Times, as well as in televised adverts on CNBC, MSNBC and Fox Business in the United States. The bitcoin advertisement which appeared in Apple Daily was in two languages; Chinese and English. The Catch phrase “Bitcoin will never ditch you”, along with an artistic signature representation of Satoshi Nakamoto featured at the bottom of the page. The advertisement also read in detail that “Making a transaction on the bitcoin network does not require you to pass through a bank, electronic payment platform or a third-party entity. Anybody can make a transaction with it, without any interference,”. “No matter why you may be prohibited from using banking services, or wish to enjoy finances that are not under the surveillance or restrictions of a third party, we welcome you to join our big, bitcoin family.”

The bitcoin advertisement in Apple Daily shows how the Chinese Media is using it strength to promote the use of cryptocurrency in China and influence the behavior of the public, corporate sector, commerce and the financial institution in China. 

BTC Advertisement Seen Throughout Hong Kong

The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong announced its intention of purchasing promotion spaces to post Bitcoin advertisements that would increase BTC awareness among the local people about the benefits of the world’s leading digital currency.
As specified by the Association, these Bitcoin promotions will be displayed on three bitcoin themed double-decker buses. Other than the cable cars, the Association will likewise show Bitcoin logos and awareness messages related to bitcoin across 20 billboards in the city, throughout September until October 8, 2020. Bitcoin association uploaded pictures on its Twitter handle showing the Bitcoin ads displayed on trams, ATMs, Public Spots such as Bus Stands and commercial markets and billboards across the city, even in the vicinity of commercial banks, as seen at a billboard In front of HSBC in the pictures. The goal is mainly to kickstart a conversation around the merits of Bitcoin, especially in the context of the ongoing economic challenges…”, clarified Leo Weese, Co-organizer of Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.

Binance Launches BTC Ads in UK

Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. It announced its expansion into the UK’s market towards the end of August. The crypto exchange company also aims to advertise the BTC throughout the country as its Twitter handle tweeted a post informing that the company had placed new ads in 17 different bus stops locations in London. The image presented the transition of currency, from the simple holed coin to the modern coin, with Bitcoin at the very end. CryptoUK, a self-regulatory crypto trade association has also been previously advertising the BTC and several other cryptocurrencies through various platforms in the UK. 

Disney Plus Hotstar broadcasts BTC Campaign

According to the reports of Coinlist, the crypto exchange Zebpay has recently launched a campaign during the Indian Premier League. The advertisements featuring the Bitcoin simply state, “Learn about simple, secure Bitcoin on ZebPay, ₹100 to start.” The ads will broadcast during the live telecast of India’s most-viewed sporting event, on the Indian streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar. It is estimated that 462 Million tuned in to the Indian Premier League games. Therefore, this can be a major step towards the prevalence of the BTC in India. 

Final Analysis

The BTC Associations around the world have faced great amount of resistance while pursuing their marketing campaigns on digital forums as world’s major search engines such as GOOGLE and Bing blocked millions of cryptocurrency ad, clarifying that the cryptocurrency and related products are not regulated, we have found them to present a possible elevated risk for the users.