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The business building a global reputation

A firm of construction specialists with solid foundations in the North East is building a plan to launch cutting-edge innovation into international markets.

BIMcert, with offices in Newcastle and Richmond, North Yorkshire, is aiming to become a global leader in the booming market for digital construction with the help of the Department for International Trade.

The company, established four years ago, works with clients to create bespoke systems for Building Information Modelling (BIM), enabling them to deliver projects quickly, safely and in a more cost-effective manner.

Working across building and infrastructure sectors, BIMcert provides a wealth of industry expertise, supplying a tailored package of support to help businesses of all sizes identify the benefits of improved information management. Clients are guided through options for certification and assessment to successfully negotiate procurement and project issues.

Director Neil Reed, a chartered surveyor with 30 years’ experience in property, design and construction, started BIMcert when he realised the enormous benefits that a new approach could bring to the sector, but also that there was no support in place for organisations wanting to take advantage.

“I have worked in the industry for many years, always seeking to improve, always believing there was a better way,” said Neil. “BIM has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to address long-standing problems.”

“Research has proven what everyone in the industry already knows – that poor information is a root cause of many problems. BIM addresses this directly to make sure the right people have the right information at the right time.

Neil added: “We work with building owners, designers, constructors and their specialist suppliers – anyone and everyone involved in the construction process. The aim is to help people understand BIM and secure the benefits it can bring to them.”

“The Government has commissioned new standards and we help businesses meet these and deploy systems to improve their results. We work with Certification Bodies accredited by Government to provide clients with the ‘gold standard’ of credibility.”

BIM has been mandated in the UK since 2016, and to work on Government-funded projects, businesses must be ‘BIM-enabled’. That represents 50% of the construction market, so businesses need to demonstrate their capability to get a chance of securing new work.

Following the BIMcert system allows data to be captured throughout design and construction to create information models not only for building, but also for the operation, maintenance, upgrade, repair and management of the facility.

It has received funding for Virtual Export Manager support, enabling BIMcert to develop an international marketing plan, identify resource to compete and deliver overseas and identify, schedule and prioritise activities and milestones for the journey towards trading overseas.

BIMcert has identified partners for its overseas operations via guidance from DIT. The firm is keen to focus on the Middle East and Commonwealth countries.

And with international BIM standards due to roll out worldwide in 2018, Neil wants BIMcert to become the international BIM provider of choice.

“DIT is helping us access markets across the world, but we’re primarily looking at the areas where there is a high level of development, places such as the Emirates, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.” added Neil.

“The Government has backed organisations like BIMcert to become global leaders in this field and because new international construction standards are being introduced worldwide, we work closely with Certification Bodies to understand how they are applying the standards in each country, and then turn this knowledge into systems for business.”

Julie Underwood, International Trade Director, said: “BIMcert is offering a niche service that is helping to revolutionise an industry – it will be much sought after in overseas markets.

“Being able to support this exciting new business is what DIT is here for. I’m delighted BIMcert will be flying the flag for North East innovation in foreign markets.”

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