What is the cannabis club in Barcelona? Is it legal?

Good news from the first sentence: yes, it is legal! Coffeshops in Barcelona are called “associations” and they all were created to grow and use Cannabis in a right and lawful way. It is not only the place for smoking, it is the Club with social life, events, parties, concerts etc. Every place has their unique design and conception, atmosphere and people. You can play video games or going to the yoga classes – depends from the association. So as you can see it is more than just place for using cannabis it is interesting way how to spend your free time.

Who can join the Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

First thing that is important to know: Private Cannabis Clubs have their rules which are the same for the age (for the membership you must be 21+ years) but in some places they not accept foreign id, only Spanish (good news are that most of the them are okay with any person who is adult, not depends if he or she has spanish or another documents). So you can follow our website to get all the information about best Coffeshops in Barcelona.

How to become a member in the club in Barcelona?

As we already know, associations are totally legal in Spain but it doesn’t mean that every tourist can easily join any of them. Coffeeshops in Barcelona can’t have an unlimited access and sometimes they can not accept new members. But anyway there are a lot of Private Cannabis Clubs so you will always have an opportunity to join any of them. Before it was obligatory to come with a person who is already the member of the association, but through our website you can have an appointment with the club without coming with somebody.

What you need to do for the membership?

First thing is that you can’t easily go from the street to any of cannabis club in Barcelona but you need to register in our website and choose the association where you would like to join. Any kind of invitation you can do only face to face in the club. Our mission is the first step to you to become a member. You need to be more than 21 age, to have an ID and pay annual membership fee in cash directly in the Club. Please be ready for the meeting, the copies of the documents are not allowed also like the credit cards for the membership fee. We are sure you will have an amazing experience with our Coffeeshops in Barcelona and enjoy the time in this beautiful city.

All that you want to know about cannabis in Barcelona and all around the world.

Legal status of cannabis in Barcelona

The first question from all the people who like to smoke marijuana when they come to Barcelona is if it is legal or not in this city. It doesn’t have any medical form, so doctors can not prescribe cannabis and also you can’t easily buy it at the street: it is illegal. So let’s see which status cannabis has in this city.

What is legal and what is not.

There is some things you have to know about the status of cannabis in Barcelona. First of all there are two ways of your legal relationship with marijuana: you can grow it at home (but with certain restrictions only for yourself, 2 plants for a person is allowed, no more) or you can give your right to grow it to the association and come here to smoke weed inside.

To sell it or carrying in Spain is a crime, that’s why all the people who come to you at the streets and who ask if you need to have some weed they are doing totally illegal things and if you are going in contact with them you become a part of the black market. So instead of that it is better just to join cannabis club and to become a member of this community in absolutely legal way.

It is acceptable to smoke in the private spaces, in the associations or in your home. You can’t do it at the street or in the public areas.

Associations in Barcelona

It is not so difficult to join the community and it is very important to understand that it is really social thing: people just want to become a part of legal club with its own interests which depends from the place. It is possible to come there with friends to watch football on a big screen or to play billiards etc. You can be a member of several clubs and easily explore this part of the city. You are not “buying” it here (we will tell more about this in the article about rules in the clubs), but you give your right to grow marijuana to the Associations, you pay your annual fee for membership and give your permission to do it for you instead of growing it at home. That’s how it works.

The crime

It is very important to understand that people who offer you something at the street, even if they tell you that you can go with them to some club, not to buy the weed directly from them, anyway they are criminals and it is possible to have problems if you will be in the contact with them. So it is easier and safety to become a part of this community in a legal way instead of taking risks to follow people at the streets. Be very careful with it!

How to join a cannabis club in Barcelona?


Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are social communities which were created not just to smoke marijuana, but to bring together people who want to have a good time playing different games, watching sports broadcasts or having some nice time with friends.

The first thing is that it is impossible to join any club just to come from the street even that you know where is the door (usually there is no any sign boards). The second thing is that you need to know some person from the association or this club could invite you by itself. The third thing is that only club makes a decision if you can become a member or not after small interview that they have to do according to the law in Spain. The fourth thing is the age: in Spain it is legal to become a member of the association only if you are more than 21 years. And there is no exception.

To become a member you need to have an ID and also you have to pay an annual membership fee, usually it is from 20 € to 50 €. In general the idea is that you give to the club your right of growing marijuana for you and that is what you pay an annual fee (but for the cannabis you pay separately and the price depends from its type). 

The most important thing, that is a trap for the tourists, is that they don’t know members from the clubs and don’t know how to find the club and how to ask them to join and some people can use it in theirs interests. The most illegal way that can bring you a lot of troubles is to follow people at the street who promise to bring you to the club without any questions. But they are illegal promoters so you could be involved in the black market relationship and that has much more serious consequences then just to pay some fines.

So the main thing is to get a referral to have an opportunity to go to the club which we could help with. But it is also very important to know some rules when you will come at the club. You can read it in one of the article at this website.

First time at the club. What should I do? 

There are some rules for all the people who want to become a part of this cannabis community in Barcelona and it is very important to follow them. If not – you can easily lose your membership.

You have to bring your ID every time when you are going to the club even that you already have your membership. Another thing that is very important is to avoid the word “buy” and use instead of it “to get” or “to have”. You can’t pay inside of the club with the money, you need to put it in the deposit at your own card at the entrance. The staff can refuse you with the service if you will ask to “buy some weed”: you just allow this club to grow marijuana plants for you but in is not buy-and-selling relationship. Be sure that you understand this part!

All the people who come with you must have their own invitation it is not allowed to be there without it or they can just cancel yours. 

At the first time you will sign the papers with the rules and the most important thing that you give your right to grow some plants to this association, also they will put  the information about your documents in the system and make yours photo. Don’t be scare: it is not allowed to give this information anyone even the police, so it is only for using in this certain club.

You need to be respectful for the things that you are doing, not to be rude, the staff can easily calling police if you will do inappropriate things. Also please don’t going crazy with the weed it is not necessary to try the most strong one, cannabis here has very good quality so not to get high you can just have a good time with friends in the community where it is possible to play billiards, table games, where sometimes they have live music or djs. Be respectful to all and definitely you will enjoy a lot of your experience!