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CBD Dosage for Dogs: How Much CBD Oil to Give Your Dog

ByDave Stopher

Nov 14, 2023

Having a dog can often feel like they’re a close part of the family, and so naturally, we want the best for our beloved pets. That’s why so many pet owners have turned to CBD oil for their dogs. 


It can be confusing, however, to know how much CBD oil for dogs is the correct amount. In this article, we give a clear answer as well as some background information on cannabidiol for our four-legged friends.


Why Do Dogs Take CBD?


If this is your first time hearing about dogs taking CBD, then you might be wondering why a dog would take CBD in the first place.


The truth is, there’s no one dosage of CBD that will work for every dog, as much like humans, every dog’s physiology also greatly varies, but there are some main reasons why pet owners might give their furry friends cannabidiol:


  • Mental disorders
  • Anxiety (including separation anxiety)
  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Lack of appetite


The general quality of life of dogs, according to dog owners, may be enhanced by CBD. When their dog is clearly in pain in the latter years of life, many people start giving their beloved pet CBD. Others choose to use it on a short-term basis when their pup is feeling unwell or exhausted or whenever their behavior seems unusual.


What’s the Right CBD Dosage for My Dog?


Many pet owners provide CBD tinctures designed for people to their pets. Although administering a pet-specific product is definitely better, this procedure can be acceptable if the CBD oil dosage is small enough.


Body weight is one aspect that influences a dog’s experience with CBD. Dogs are often much smaller and lighter than humans. But humans and dogs are obviously very different and if you (a human) weighs 175 pounds and discover that 40mg of CBD produces a notable effect, your 25-pound dog needs far less.


If you provide too much CBD and it produces the intended effect, you run the risk of thinking that’s the right dosage. The actual amount of CBD you’re giving your dog may be far higher than the recommended therapeutic level which could be potentially dangerous. This is why understanding CBD dosage for dogs is important.


CBD for Extra Small Dogs (2-8 lbs)


Small dogs have exceptionally quick metabolisms, therefore they only need a little bit of CBD. According to the outcome, you may need to administer 2-3 dosages every day.


To determine your dog’s dosage, one must first convert the dog’s weight (for example, 8 pounds) into kilograms, or 8/2.2=3.6kg. This is equivalent to 3.6mg–7.2mg based on the dosage suggestion of 1-2mg per kg of bodyweight.


So, depending on the severity of the symptoms one is seeking to improve, the dose for a 300mg CBD product with a 30ml volume would be 0.36ml–0.72ml (i.e., 3.6–7.2/10), given twice day.


CBD for Small Dogs (8-15 lbs)


Small dog owners can use this dosage for an additional 8-pound tiny dog. To calculate the proper dose, the dog’s weight must once more be converted into kilograms for the top weight of 15 pounds.


Due to the fact that 15/2.2=6.8kg, a dose of 6.8mg–13.6mg of CBD oil would be suitable for a dog of this size. The milliliter dosage is calculated by multiplying by 10, therefore 0.68 to 1.36 ml of CBD should be taken twice day.


CBD for Medium Dogs (15-30 lbs)


Once more, start by changing the dog’s weight into kilograms. That would be 30/2.2=13.6kg for a 30 pound dog. A dosage of 13.6 mg to 27.2 mg given twice daily is suitable. Divide by 10 once more to get at the ml dosage, or 1.36-2.72ml per dose.


CBD for Large Dogs (30-60 lbs)


For the upper limit of a large dog, aka a 60-pound dog, use the same formula: 60/2.2=27.2kg. A 60-pound dog should get a dosage of between 2.7 and 5.4 mg. Therefore, 0.27–0.54 ml given twice day is good.


CBD for Extra Large Dogs (60+ lbs)


Extra large dog weight can vary a lot, so use the same formula as before to get the proper dosage after weighing your dog.


Final Thoughts on CBD Dosage for Dogs


Even though knowing how much CBD oil to give your dog can feel confusing, this simple mathematical formula should help to find the right dosage for your furry friend.