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Chocolate Easter Eggs on Toast?


Mar 31, 2024 #Easter, #easter eggs

With Easter weekend wrapping up, if you find yourself with bundles of chocolate Easter eggs gifted by friends and family and not knowing what to do with them, try using them to create a fun and elevated leftover recipe with a hint of fruit!

Professional chef turned baker and now a baker Influencer Gillian Cottell has created a sweet version of “Eggs on toast” using Del Monte peaches, surplus easter eggs and cake slices to make a visual treat that’s fun and yummy for all the family.

The link to watch the recipe video by Gillian Cottell  on Tik Tok is HERE.

And here is a list of all the ingredients you’ll need.

-White easter egg  
-Sponge cake (I used trifle sponge)  

-Del Monte Sliced Peaches
-Mini dark & white chocolate eggs


Put your trifle sponge in the toaster until golden and lightly toasted.

Melt your Easter egg chocolate in the microwave

Assemble your “Eggs on toast” with your cake as toast, melted white Easter eggs for the egg white, sweet peaches for the yolk and of course our “salt & pepper” chocolate egg shavings

Now enjoy!

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