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Convenience of communication in iMind

ByDave Stopher

Jun 6, 2022

The new format of communication creates many opportunities for both ordinary people and business organizations. Thanks to online communication and platforms that are developing the field of video conferencing, such as iMind conferences, it is possible to communicate with friends abroad, study, gain new knowledge, and even work remotely. What was once impossible is now a reality.

Why is video conferencing more popular than audio conferencing?

Many users don’t understand what the secret to the success of video conferencing is. Some people think that there are almost no differences between these formats to pay attention to. In fact, that’s not the case:

  • Audio conferencing is very similar to a regular cell phone call with more than two people. This format of communication lacks the non-verbal interaction possible in video conferencing. Therefore, the second type of online communication is considered more productive, because the participants can see each other, react to emotions, facial expressions and gestures. Thanks to this, the barrier of remoteness disappears.
  • Video conferences are more convenient for business organizations than the audio format.  Often, for an interview, a meeting or an important discussion, the project manager requires the camera to be included in the employees. This way, it is possible to make sure that all employees are involved in the work process and are not distracted by other things while communicating with their colleagues. At the same time, it is an opportunity to make the work more effective and productive, if each participant subconsciously understands that they are “being watched”.
  • In contrast to the audio format of communication, video conferencing has the possibility of more functionality. Participants can display their screen, share presentations or other documents.

Many scientists and observations have proven that visual memory works several times more effectively than auditory memory. In order for teamwork on collaborative projects or the learning process to yield better results, the video format of online communication should be preferred.

Who is video conferencing designed for?

This format of communication has a very wide target audience: if you want to communicate with relatives or friends in other cities or countries, this communication format will create an immediate interaction effect. Organizations that want to find remote workers can also hold meetings or discuss projects online.

Investors who are looking for professional partners for joint ideas can use video conferencing to establish communication.  Freelancers who want to work from home or want to combine vacation with work can use video platforms to find new clients, discuss new projects and make money.

Because video conferencing has such a broad approach to different audience segments, it’s important to choose a platform that provides high quality online communication.

Why iMind is a leader in the video conferencing market?

The iMind platform can provide quality features and various tools for all segments of the video conferencing target audience. If you want to start and develop your own business online, hire professionals, find responsible partners, learn a new language or communicate with friends, this application will help you make all your wishes come true with maximum comfort and efficiency:

  • even if you don’t know how to use mobile devices at a high level, you can easily create or join a video conference. All you need to do is enter the name of the room into the system, copy the link and send it to all meeting participants.  Just a few seconds later, they will be able to enter the conference after one click on the link.
  • You can also download the iMind app or access the meetings in your browser. The quality of communication will be at a high level in both variants.
  • Parallel to the video conference participants have an opportunity to use a common business chat, where everyone can share different files, documents or creative ideas.
  • Sharing screen editing is a step towards effective participation of each employee in the work process. It makes colleagues feel their value in achieving a common result.
  • The high quality of every feature, from image and audio levels to 24-hour video conferencing capabilities, is what makes iMind unique. Attention to detail and user satisfaction are the core value of the system.
  • Accessibility for every user is the most important feature of the iMind platform. You don’t need a powerful laptop or computer to join a meeting. It is enough to use a mobile device, because both Android and iOS are ideal for accessing video conferences in this application.

These advantages demonstrate the level of interest of this platform in satisfying the desires of its users.  Because iMind values its customers, it is constantly improving its tools and features. Everyone can discover a world of convenient, fast and secure communication online in this system.