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Council Fleet hit the Roads Sporting New keep it Clean Messages

150622B_006 - Keep it Clean (Cllr Kemp)This week Newcastle City Council’s waste and recycling vehicles have been given a makeover; as they now sport the latest “Keep it Clean” signs that will be visible to road users and people going about their day and the signs are on either side of each vehicle.

The thought-provoking messages being displayed on the side of the Council’s fleet will include the slogan “Don’t be a dirtbag, pick up your dog *#!%”.

Newcastle City Council will spend over £4 million this year cleaning up after people’s dogs, dropped litter and fly-tippers, but due to budget cuts the Council can no longer afford to devote that level of finance in the future.

Fixed penalty notices of £75 will be handed out to people who don’t adhere to picking up after their pets.

Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Regulatory Services at Newcastle City Council, Cllr Nick Kemp, said: “The City Council faces further budget challenges and we are investing in this campaign now to make people aware of the implications of dog fouling.  It is right and appropriate that people take responsibility for their actions.  Dog owners have a responsibility to clear up after their pets, as the resulting mess can become a health hazard and is unpleasant for other footpath or public space users.

“The Council has no choice but to handout fixed penalty notices to those people who choose to ignore the laws that are in place to keep Newcastle tidy.  There is nothing worse than having to clear up after treading or cycling through something unpleasant; so let’s work together to ensure we can be proud of the communities in which we live.”

The “Keep it Clean” campaign also looks to encourage behavioural change amongst people who litter and fly-tip in Newcastle. It is hoped this campaign will help to stamp out a problem that has a knock-on effect across the city.

Across Newcastle there are nearly 50 community groups and organisations who have committed to doing their own activities to keep their neighbourhoods clean and tidy.

People can learn more about the “Keep it Clean” campaign and gain helpful tips about how they can set up their own community clean up events by visiting the Council’s website www.newcastle.gov.uk/keepitclean

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