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Creating a sanctuary: transforming your bathroom


Feb 14, 2023

Although your current bathroom may serve its purpose, it may not necessarily be a place you genuinely enjoy spending time. Whether you need to relax after a long day, or simply want to have a bit of time to yourself, you may be able to make the bathroom the place where this happens. To do so, it could be a good idea to alter some of its existing furnishings, as well as to add a few new additions to help create a sense of tranquillity.

A taste of luxury

To really make your bathroom an absolute haven of all things calm, you might want to imbue some luxury into the space. Adding some stone or marble furnishings from Lusso Stone could help you to feel like you are at the spa any time you go in. These can come in an assortment of colors, allowing you to create a really modern feel in the space. Adding that bit of luxury may make you not want to leave the bathroom, especially when you are able to add in other types of décor to match. Adding in some chic designs and top-quality furnishings may also increase the value of your home which, while not necessarily important to you right now, can be an added bonus in the long run.

Ditch the scales

You may keep your weighing scales in the bathroom to help you and your partner check on any weight loss. While this can be somewhat practical, it could also be adding stress to your time in the room. Some people find themselves fixated on the numbers on the scale. Should you have gained weight, this can lead to a number of negative emotions. By moving them to a different room, or simply hiding them within a cupboard, you may be able to break the hold they have on you and get back to enjoying your bathroom.

Imbue your bathroom with nature

It may be completely normal to have plant life within your home. While you may already have pots distributed throughout your lounge, kitchen, or even bedrooms, there may be some species of plants that could thrive in the bathroom. Opting for those that enjoy humid conditions could be a good idea. This might even enable you to grow and maintain a few more tropical varieties. Plants can help to improve your mood, or even aid with relaxation. Keeping them in this space may help you to unwind, and even feel like there is a bit more life in a room that previously lacked greenery.

Turning your current bathroom into a sanctuary can be a rather simple process, especially if you were planning on changing the current units and fixtures anyway. When doing so, you may want to think about how to make the most out of the space. This means that, even in a smaller bathroom, you may be able to transform it into a place that genuinely helps you to unwind.

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