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Credit card machines: revolutionising payments one step at the time


Nov 18, 2020

Credit card terminals have been around for a long time. Throughout their lifetime, they have not really been known for their ease of use. Terminals are robust, but lack the intuitiveness you would like from credit card machine. Luckily, there now is a new kid on the block. With more intuitive payment terminals it becomes easy for every shop owner to install and use the machine. In this article, we will dive into the world of these machines and learn how they can work for you.

Credit card machines paired with smartphones

Where payment terminals in the past were linked to dedicated hardware, the new machines on the market are able link to smartphones. You can set them up via an application and pair them with the click of a button. Once paired, you can start to receive your payments. When a customer arrives in the store, you simply type in the amount on the smartphone and transfer the payment to the credit card machines. Then, the customer is able to tap their card and pay for it.

Contactless payments

These small devices are able to accept a payment without any contact. The customer can simply hold their card above the device and the payment will be processed. Sometimes, cards have a limit to what they can pay (e.g. 50 euros) and then need a pin. Of course, this is also supported by the device. There is a keypad included that can be used by the customer.

Safe payments in challenging times

With a pandemic sweeping across continents, receiving payments is not top of mind. However, to ensure safety in stores, it is relevant to be able to offer contactless payments. The spread of the virus can be limited when people do not touch each other’s equipment, this especially holds true for a device like a payment terminal. These devices are being used dozens of times per day by a lot of people. You protect customers when you make use of a contactless device.

Mobile payments are also possible

Besides a terminal it is also possible to conduct a mobile contactless payment. The good thing is that you can use the same smartphone application. You can enter the amount and select the ‘QR code’ option. Via this option a QR code is shown which can be scanned by the smartphone of the customer. The customer can then conduct the payment via the preferred mean of payment. You will instantly receive a notification about the payment completion.

Besides the QR code option, you can send a payment link to the customer. Of course, this requires a bit more effort as you need to know their phone number. However, this can be used via the Internet more easily. For example, when selling a product or service through WhatsApp you can send a dedicated payment link. Once you receive a completion notification you can ship the product.

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