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Discover our land campaign to be launched in Northumberland

Northumberland County Council is developing plans to launch a campaign to promote all that’s great about the county.

‘Discover our land’ will be aimed at increasing awareness about Northumberland as a place to live, to work, to visit and to do business.

Cllr Cath Homer, Cabinet Member for Culture, Arts, Leisure and Tourism at Northumberland County  Council, said: “We’re incredibly proud of our county’s stunning natural and built heritage, rich traditions and the distinctive character of our people and communities that make us unique.

“2018 is going to be big year for Northumberland and the north east, and there’s never been a better time to shout about what our county has to offer – whoever you are or your reason for being here.

“We’ll be calling on people to back our campaign to ‘discover our land’, to support and help build a social movement that will raise awareness, and strengthen community pride in Northumberland that everyone can get behind.”

The county council are determined to seize every opportunity from the Great Exhibition of the North coming to the region this year. Billed as the largest event to take place in the north, it is expected to attract 3 million people, with over 1.2 million targeted from outside the north east.

Northumberland has a significant reputation as a destination of choice for increasing numbers of UK and overseas visitors, to such an extent that tourism is now set to become our leading employment sector and major economic driver.

In 2016, 9.7 million people visited the county contributing £852m to our economy, and importantly supported the employment of 14,152 people. This remarkable growth in visitor numbers, spending and employment has been catalysed by regular primetime TV coverage.

Cllr Homer added: “In order to sustain this we need to take a whole county approach – this is much more than tourism and visitors. Our ambition is that we will lead and build on our credentials for Northumberland as an internationally recognised destination of choice, offering a wide range of memorable activities and experiences delivered by skilled and passionate people and organisations.”

“The time is now to discover Northumberland in a new way, and in order to do that, we need to sow the seeds of our campaign into all corners of the county, to make sure it grows into a movement that everyone in Northumberland can back.

“Everyone should have an opportunity to feel involved in the campaign and have the chance to contribute their views and ideas, putting people at the heart of our plans. We want to shine a light on Northumberland right across the board as somewhere to visit, to raise a family, to build a career or to establish and grow a business.”

‘Discover our land’ will be launched in autumn 2018. Further information will be provided as the campaign is developed.

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