Even with draconian and the most effective containment strategies possible implied, the Coronavirus which is a family of viruses that causes illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases is spreading rapidly across the world and is threatening for the whole of humanity. By far it has affected over 199 countries and claimed thousands of lives.


The circumstances created and caused by this pandemic are tragic and saddening to say the least. Along with the widespread health concerns it has also been made necessary to take health measures such as social distancing and complete lockdowns to disrupt the contagion.

The prevailing conditions created by the virus have become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets and are on the verge of dismantling the eco system.

Joblessness has spiked as the business shutters; stocks have slid and oil prices have crashed. In February alone, COVID-19 managed to wipe off $50 billion off global exports and is likely to cost the economy $2 trillion during 2020.


In times like these, when uncertainty and worry loom over the entire world, it becomes increasingly difficult for any industry to function. Just like any other, the marketing industry is also in distress, however, online engagements are surging and hence digital marketing during the pandemic can be an excellent opportunity to reach your audience and provide them with information, interaction, positive thoughts and relevant resources.


Smai Digital, to help businesses and self-employed during the pandemic, have created a new service called the DIY Marketing Plan Program. This program contains all the highly significant and important sales and marketing principles that the majority of web developers and business owners don’t acknowledge or fail to understand.

The DIY Marketing plan consists of a number of unique features that are exclusively designed in order to make marketing during the pandemic effective and convey the utmost help for businesses and the self-employed.

The DIY Marketing plan program includes real-time market research, an action plan for marketing, SEO backlinks strategy, engagement strategies, keyword analysis, online business directories and numerous other exceptional features.

Smai’s DIY Marketing plan program helps you build an online presence and gives you an in-depth understanding of a buyer’s psychology during a pandemic. They also provide you with a business and marketing diagnostic guide and a digital marketing strategy guide, which will be extremely beneficial for marketing during the pandemic.


In times of severe financial constraints when the economy is on the brink of recession, Smai, in order to make it easier for businesses and self-employed to do marketing during the pandemic, is now providing 50% discount on all their services. This will make it easier for business owners to reach the maximum audience through digital technology and keep their businesses afloat in this critical time.

At Smai Digital with our wide array of services including social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing search engine optimization, web design and development and mobile application development will help you in generating growth for your business and obtain successful results.

Smai will provide you with a well thought out marketing strategy with a clear insight, which ensures boosting of sales and maximum possible outcomes.