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Durham Parent Releases Book To Help Others


May 15, 2023
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A parent from Durham has released a book to help parents and those in charge of shaping children that they are struggling to like.

Tricia Flanagan, mum to four, has developed a system that includes recognising every child has eight basic needs that should be recognised and acknowledged for their care to be successful.

Transcendence Parenting (Its Ok To Not Like Your Child) is a behavioural modification programme, which does not require a specific parenting style/model and will enable others to benefit from her experience and insight. The parents and carers still have the freedom to choose a parenting style that works best for them……after all, those that are the closest are the expert of their child!!! Tricia said:

“Using my experience in many forms of parenting, I came to realise that also every child is different they are all very similar in that they have 8 core needs. Parenting or raising children cannot be successful without understanding and addressing that.

“Therefore, the journey through the book is enlightening as you learn who a child really is, what they need from you and how to understand their and your own complex behaviours. Complete with anecdotes, suggestions and advice, my aim is that the reader can study each human need, take reflection exercises/activities and complete tasks that help them know what their children need and what we can do to support those needs.”

Ideal for parents, carers, foster parents, teachers and anyone in a responsible position when it comes to giving children the best start in life, the book is receiving great acclaim from those that have read it including 5 * Amazon Reviews.

“This book opens your eyes to the fact your children have needs and the best way to give them what they need to thrive, is to understand that and work out how to best meet them. You can use any parenting style you want!! The worksheets and activities along with the personalised examples are genius. This will help anyone caring for a child in any position.”

“I love how insightful this book is. It covers a less mainstream view upon parenting that people don’t talk about because it is hard to do so. Hats off to the author for sharing their view and writing this book it has been an amazing read and really helpful as a father.”

Tricia feels that the support structure for children in the system has a long way to go, and that without this kind of insight is simply setting carers and children with challenges up to fail. She concluded:

“As a nation we need to change how we help our younger generations to meet their growing and ever changing needs. Their development and resilience, especially if there is neurodiversity to consider, is reliant upon Transcendence Parenting if we want to fully embrace what inclusion truly means. This book is just the first step in improving  and creating relationships that benefit all.”

Transcendence Parenting (It’s Ok to Not Like Your Child) is available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon now : https://amzn.eu/d/bnKjfQJ