LED Team Aug 16AN energy broker is giving businesses the opportunity to save up to 65 per cent on their bills after drafting in a team of experts to carry out efficiency checks.

Utility Alliance, which set up in 2015 and turned over an impressive £1m-worth of contracts in its first year, specialises in consulting with other firms to take a closer look at their energy usage and help make savings as well as lowering their carbon footprint.

To offer an even better service to its customers, the Hartlepool-based firm has now drafted in a team of experts who specialise in LED lighting.

Darren Sutherland, Chief Operating Officer for Utility Alliance, said: “With fluorescent lighting being phased out, more and more businesses are switching to LED lighting throughout their buildings.

“Lighting is a vital part of any energy efficiency test, and it is our aim to bring down energy consumption levels for all of our customers regardless of how big they are.

“LED lighting is a growing market, so it made sense to bring in a team which specialises purely on that type of energy.

“We are constantly keeping a close eye on changes across the energy market to ensure we can cater to the needs of our clients, and this is another example of us spotting a gap in the market and acting quickly to address it.”

Paul Makepeace, partner at Newton Aycliffe-based LED Supply & Fit, added: “We are delighted to be working alongside Utility Alliance in this joint venture.

“When Utility Alliance do their cost comparisons, a lot of businesses are surprised to discover that they can save between 60 and 65 per cent of their energy bills by switching from fluorescent to LED.”

To find out more about Utility Alliance and the recruitment opportunities within the firm, call 01429 727101 or visit myutilityalliance.com.