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Essentials for Eurovision 2019: The Ultimate Guide

When Eurovision fever grabs you, it’s like no other, from the top of your spine to the tips of your toes, the tingling just isn’t going to stop. The time is almost here, the UK’s most anticipated music event of the year is just around the corner. Are you prepped and ready to lay some big bets on the world’s biggest singing competition? Don’t miss your chance to get in with the best winning odds by doing your research about the Eurovision Song Contest first. We’ve got some funky tools for you to use right here that’ll help you make better betting choices for Eurovision 2019. 

What is the Eurovision Song Contest?

The Eurovision Song Contest has been running since 1956, which means it has been going strong for a massive 64 years in 2019. It’s a prestigious event, where countries go head-to-head with only one song entry each, and the winning country gets the iconic glass microphone and the honour of hosting the following year’s event. Although admission is not exclusive to European countries, the competition is undoubtedly dominated by them. In previous years the UK has, by and large, done just dreadfully. Often meaning patriotism is left at the door for Brits who bet on the Eurovision song contest – and trust us there’s plenty of you. A great benefit of this means you get to be more strategic in how you bet. By picking from the favourite to win instead of blindly pledging allegiance, but you’ll also need to do some research to ensure it is a well-placed bet. Keep in mind also that it can be a bit of a popularity contest, as it’s up to the guest and national juries to vote for their favourite.

What’s Special About 2019 Eurovision Contest?

As Israel won last year’s competition, this year it is held in Tel- Aviv.

Is there any hope for the UK?

We think not, given our best hope is put on the shoulders of Michael Rice with the song Bigger than us. Nevertheless, we are nothing if not a hopeful and proud nation!

Image: BBC.co.uk  

The Perfect Prep for Eurovision 2019

In preparation for the 2019 Eurovision song contest, Unibet has put together some incredible gambling interactive tools to help build up the betting hype and ensure that bettors get the most from the one-night-only competition. This gives you an additional chance to get caught up in the action before May 18th. Use their 1956-2018 chart to see which countries have won past years and the interactive map to see each countries entry for 2019 and previous stats. If you’re not sure where your 2019 loyalties lie, you can take the Eurovision Quiz to see who you should bank on for 2019! Get involved before the competition starts and make sure you’re ready for some astonishing, Eurovision action in a one-night-only, breath-taking evening. Check out all this and start preparing for Eurovision 2019 now!

The Eurovision song contest will be broadcast live on Saturday, May 18th at 8 pm on BBC1.