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Fabulous ideas for equestrian themed weddings

Themed weddings are certainly nothing new, with so many decor and ceremony ideas on offer for almost every hobby or interest you can think of. If you’re a big fan of everything horse-related and wish to incorporate this into your big day, take a look at these easy ideas on how to create the perfect equestrian themed wedding!

Hold it in a barn  

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a large barn, take advantage and transform the space into the perfect wedding venue. Visit local farms and see whether any of the land and barns are available for hire. Ideally, aim for two separate barns, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, and think of creative ways you can decorate the space ready for your big day. 

Or simply take some rustic inspiration

If this idea goes out the window, think about simply transforming a more traditional wedding venue by giving it a countryside touch. Ways to do this include switching benches or chairs for bales of hay (with sheets layered over of course – ouch!), and including as many wooden accessories and pieces of furniture you can get your hands on. 

Think about food and drink

Aside from a bowl full of horse treats, you’ll need to think about how to make your wedding menu fitting to your theme! Start with the cake, making sure to feature lots of equestrian details. For drinks, offer up some classic race day cocktails such as a mint julep or pimms, and keep the menu as traditionally English as possible. Think roast beef, eton mess and some tasty homemade sausage rolls for the late night buffet!

Plan for weather disasters

While many will want to keep it authentic, you will want to protect your guests from the bad weather they could experience if they decide to wander out of the barn – so a few emergency gazebos certainly wouldn’t go amiss! After all, you won’t want the smokers disposing of butts next to any of that hay… 

Add some finishing touches

Now that you have the majority of your big day planned, it’s time to arrange for some equestrian themed final touches! Look out for anything horse shoe, saddle or farm related you can get your hands on, and think of creative ways to add an equestrian twist to normal wedding items. A great idea is to switch candle holders for rustic mason jars and jam jars, and use burlap material for the perfect country inspired table runners.

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