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Five Reasons Your Brand Needs Its Own Spotify Playlist


Aug 4, 2021

Streaming platforms such as Spotify are one of the powerful tools for artists to promote their music and make it accessible for many. Many artists became popular with the help of streaming platforms. So not only already successful artists can benefit from Spotify, but also the new players and different brands.

Artist Push learns ways to gain thousands of listeners and customers is the playlists. Every streaming platform provides playlists, and creators can either get featured in the famous playlists or create their own. Below we’ll introduce five reasons why each brand needs to have its playlist on Spotify.

To Gain New Customers

Spotify playlists can help brands to gain new customers. Spotify has millions of listeners, so imagine how beneficial it will be for your brand to get the users’ attention. If you create a playlist, listeners will be interested in your brand if they see their favorite music or artist in your playlist. They will discover your brand, and after some time, they may become your customer.

Create Brand’s Personality

Music is one of the greatest ways to connect with people, is through music. Marketing strategies help to promote the brand; however, to make the long-term connection between the customer and brand, you need to find some new and creative options. If the listeners relate to the music in your playlist, they will automatically feel connected with your brand. They will start to sympathize with your business and even begin to make associations with your brand when they hear a piece of particular music.

Discover Who is Your Customer

One can tell a lot by knowing which kind of music you listen to. Music brings together people and connects those who have similar personalities, preferences, and traits. Hence, if you know who the active listeners of your playlists are and who are following your music, you can understand their preferences. Knowing your customer’s preferences can be a massive advantage for you, as you’ll develop better products or services for them.

Ability to Save Time

Doing a market analysis and targeting can take a considerable time. Playlists can help your brand to understand who the customer is much faster. In addition to that, unlike content creation, playlist creation can be much quicker. It would be best to put together some good music, and it will serve you for an extended period of time. Also, if you are very well aware of your brand’s vision and understand the future goal, then making a playlist would not even take one hour.

Mark Special Occasions

A great example of successful playlist creation is Starbucks. For instance, they have created a playlist during the Holiday season, the songs of which were playing in their coffee shops. The customers listen to those playlists at home or on other occasions and think about the brand immediately. So if you create playlists during special events, it will create a warm feeling towards your brand.

Also, Spotify lunches the new futures, let’s have a look at it and try to understand what kind of benefits artists could consider.

Spotify Is Introducing Three New Features

In this fast-paced world, every streaming platform should try to introduce new features to stay up to date and interest new users. Spotify is one of the platforms which never stops to amaze, and recently it became known that the platform adds three new features.

The features are as follows: there are buttons with improved readability capabilities, text scaling choices, and a prototype for podcast transcripts. These new updates will help attract new users, listeners, and creators and make the experience of already existing users easier. Moreover, Spotify works hard to provide default-free updates and make sure that there are no problems for both Android and iOS users.

These additional features will be available on Spotify’s Android and iOS apps in the following weeks as part of an update. The transcripts feature will be accessible for Spotify Original podcasts for the time being, but it is planned to expand to all podcasts in the future. During the Google I/O presentation, Spotify also revealed that customers would soon download playlists and podcasts on Wear OS devices.

In a blog post, Spotify highlighted the future features. The ability to auto-generate transcripts for podcasts is one of the most-awaited and notable innovations coming to the music streaming service.

Users will read particular parts of podcasts with or without sound using Spotify’s new transcripts function. It will allow viewers to swiftly scroll through the podcast episode and access a specific section. Users can also click on a particular paragraph to begin listening to the podcasts from that spot.

The ability to scale text for Spotify and improved readability features are two additional critical new features. Using Dynamic Type text, the music streaming platform reflects system-wide text changes to some extent.

“With the new accessibility upgrades, we’re enabling users to enlarge the text even more, boosting overall navigation on the app and giving listeners additional choice to customize their experience,” Spotify added in the blog post.

On iOS, go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Larger Text to increase text size. Users can then alter the font size by using the slider. However, you should be aware that enlarging the font excessively large will make it more difficult to tap on buttons or other tasks on the Spotify app.

Spotify is also redesigning its button structure to make it more accessible to low-vision and visually challenged users. The team is modifying the color, text layout, and size of the buttons that shuffle a playlist or start a listening session. “Changing the text layout from all caps offers additional space for translation or localization for the over 60 languages,” Spotify noted.

During the Google I/O Keynote, Spotify revealed that users would be able to download playlists and podcasts on Wear OS devices. Previously, this feature was only accessible on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Overall every element is going to make the level of experience in Spotify a couple of levels higher.

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