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Five tips for travelling to London for business


Dec 15, 2021

London is the business and financial hub of the UK. As such, it attracts a significant amount of business travel from around the country for industry events, company meetings and corporate retreats. The North of England can seem a world away at times, with most forms of transport taking a matter of hours to reach the capital. So, what are some tips to help if you are travelling down to London from the North for business?

Book Early

It’s important that you try to book your transport as far in advance as possible to avoid paying excessive fees for train tickets or flights. You will also have better options when it comes to seat reservations and departure times, as the more convenient will sell out first. For emergency or last-minute business trips, this may not be possible – but where you can book a bit further in advance, this is always recommended.

Research the transport routes and options

London’s transport system is extensive and complicated. If you aren’t familiar with the transport options and routes in the capital, ensure that you do your research before you arrive. If you will be travelling on the London Underground, learn about the different lines, stations and fares so you don’t get lost or show up late to a meeting. Same goes for above ground transport, ensure that you know where your destination is and how you can most effectively get there.

Stay in an appropriate area

Travelling across the capital can be a nightmare, particularly at peak times. Therefore, it’s recommended that you stay in the area where you will be doing business or spending the majority of your time. For example, booking a serviced apartment in Canary Wharf will help to reduce your travel time to and between meetings in the district, and give you more time to utilise elsewhere.

Pack for all weathers

London weather can be unforgiving and extreme at times. From overwhelming heat in the summer to bitter cold in the winter, and driving rain at any time of year –  you’ll need to pack for all eventualities. Bring a sturdy umbrella and a warm coat if you’re visiting in the winter. In the summer, make sure you pack something light and breathable.

Save some time for leisure

If you’re in London for business, you’ll surely want to have a bit of time to explore the city for leisure around your work commitments. You can see the sights, enjoy culinary experiences or explore the nightlife to get a real sense of the capital.

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