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Five Ways To Stay Energised While Traveling

ByDave Stopher

May 22, 2020

For most people travelling are meant to be relaxing, enlightening and refreshing, a time to enjoy family, friends, and loved ones, or de-stress from the workplace. At the same time, it usually comes with exhaustion due to various physical and mental stressors such as long journeys, delayed flights, lost luggage, an unfamiliar environment, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way, and you can travel with ease as well as get to your destination with vibrant health. Here are some ways to help you lift your energy levels, even without caffeine. Whether you decide to travel by bus, car, or plane, make sure you refresh and energise the body with five best energy-boosting tips that can help to explore the places and make the most of every second.

Eat Right & Stay Hydrated

Being away from home and daily routine might throw most people off their nutrition game. Some individuals can also use travelling as an excuse to relax on their diets at a time when proper eating is so crucial. However, this can lead to fatigue and decreased energy, making it harder to enjoy a trip.

While aeroplane snacks and fast-food meals are convenient for intake, these comfort foods need excess energy to digest, which leaves you to feel more tired. Tasty snacks can leave you satisfied for a short period, but it won’t be long before the level of your energy takes a deep dive.

Instead, consider packing healthy snacks such as crackers, nuts, granola, carrot sticks, fresh fruit, veggies, protein bars, or trail mix to keep you sane, happy, and full of energy.

Furthermore, eat well-balanced meals and drink lots of water during travel to be sure that you are adequately hydrated within a day. By staying hydrated and avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol, you can help to supply nutrients throughout an organism and regulate body temperature.

Keep Moving

Long car, bus, or plane rides can hit your energy and decrease mood. In case you are driving a long distance by car, make sure to pull over and stretch your legs. The plane, bus and train riders can stretch shoulders, do neck rolls, raise your toes and calves, or try to walk up and down the aisle.

Staying active can benefit not only your physical but also your mental health. That’s why you should remain active once you arrive at your location as well. Energise your body with preferable morning exercises such as an early jog or online fitness class that will wake you up and help to get you ready for the day ahead. You can also pack simple workout equipment into your luggage like a jump rope or resistance band.

Additionally, hotels know that most travellers have wellness on the mind, and are offering new ways to make it easy for guests to stay healthy and it. From huge gyms and spas equipped with modern technologies to yoga and exercise options, there is suitable something for every traveller.

Consider Taking Supplements

When packing your bags, be aware of the important items you will need during your flight to maintain your energy at an optimal level. For instance, pack supplements that might make the perfect travel companions, prevent arising issues and address the negative impacts of travelling like stress and tiredness. You can take magnesium, vitamin C, or essential oils, such as lavender, rosemary, orange or peppermint to calm nerves and keep your mind alert by applying them on the wrist.

In addition, throw in a bottle of CBD oil to enhance energy and focus, regulate sleep disturbances as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. Since trips and flying might also be stressful and exhausting for most individuals, some travellers prefer to carry CBD infused products on their journey. CBD has become a vital part of everyday routine and obligatory remedy to soothe pain, stress, depression, anxiety, spare from insomnia/hypersomnia, and activate concentration and energy.

However, having CBD products in a country where this supplement is illegal might cause issues with law enforcement, and your trip can turn out not as you expected it to be. Do some pre-travel research

and check whether it’s allowed to travel with CBD or better leave this product at home.

Prioritize Self-Care

Of course, too much activity and busy tasks during travel may also make you feel tired. Be confident to give yourself some time’  me’ time to relax and restore energy. This means prioritising your self-care and wellbeing by making different activities that make you personally happy.

You can do a yoga practice, spare 10 minutes for a meditative breather, take a walk to explore beautiful spots, lounge by the pool, or just take a long soak in a bath. Squeezing a little break for yourself will help to clear your mind, refresh senses, and ensure you are ready to tackle for the rest of your travels.

Get Enough Sleep

It might seem obvious, but getting a quality night’s sleep is essential if you would like to be at your best and feel like the best version of yourself. However, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and locale can make it hard to get enough sleep while travelling.

Whether you are travelling for a few days or several weeks, you shouldn’t put unnecessary pressure on your sleep schedule. Instead, aim from 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every single night to stay energised. Grab with you some familiar items such as an eye mask, a lifting book, a favourite pyjama or tea to make yourself feel more at home.

Also, don’t forget to turn off your laptop and silence your phone to unplug from checking emails and keeping up with everything happening back at work. Don’t sacrifice needed hours of sleep to complete work-related tasks as they are still will be when you return from your vacation.