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Factors determining the success of a Forex trader

ByDave Stopher

May 22, 2020

The moment you start trading the retail market, you realize it is not an easy job. The majority of investors start with great enthusiasm but it is very short-lived. They take advantage of leverage and win some big trades. Within a few months, they start losing their capital and see the true nature of the market. So, what it takes to become a successful trader in the United Kingdom? Well, the answer greatly depends on too many variables. You have to assess your socio-economic condition before you can expect to make some big profit from this market. Let’s find out some of the key factors that determine the success of a trader.

Socio-economic standard

You must have a stable income source before you can consider trading as an opportunity to make money. If not, you will take emotional traders and try to get rich quick. Such an approach usually forces retail traders to make silly mistakes. But if you have a stable income source, you can concentrate on learning the factors. Learning about technical analysis is not enough as you have to explore many important parameters. To boost the profit factor, you have to take a look at the long term goals and for that, you must learn fundamental analysis. After learning to deal with the news, you can earn a decent amount of money without thinking about the risk exposure.

Trading skills

Do you know why Forex is considered to be the most lucrative business? People can invest a small amount of money and make some big cash without risking too much. It allows them to boost up the profit factors to a great extent. However, leverage doesn’t define your success. To find some good trades, you have to think about skills. To develop the basic skill, open a demo account try to trade with discipline. Once you take the trades with the managed risk, you can boost the profit to a great extent.

Practice makes perfect. If you work hard day and night for the first month, you can improve your skills to a certain extent, but you won’t be able to make big profits. For that, you need to practice a lot. Eventually, you will gain experience and become a better trader.

Define your success

Everyone has a different definition of success. To become a good trader, you have to know the definition of success from your perspective. Ask yourself what you want to achieve by learning things about this business. Though it will be a little bit complicated, it is one of the most efficient ways to ensure success at trading. Think about the long term goals and try to improve your skills by looking at your mistake. Track your progress so that you know you are on the right path. If things work perfectly you can become a profitable trader.

Risk acceptance ability

You must have the mental courage to accept a few losing trades. Risk acceptance is crucial when it comes to trading success. Most of the time, the traders fail to manage the risk and end up with big volume trading. So, how can you develop this skill? Well, you have to embrace the losses as a part of this business. It will be easier when you risk less than 1% of your account balance in each trade. You don’t have to take the trades in a rush since you know trading is all about finding the perfect trades with managed risk.


Successful traders have a great story to tell. So, if you find the path of success very hard, you should remember that you are on the right path. An easy path never leads to success in this industry. So, be prepared to deal with the issues in an organized way.