There’s nothing worse than having a best friend thousands of miles away. While your video chats are a great way to stay in touch, they can get a little mundane.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fun ways to stay connected to the people you love, even if they’re halfway across the world. Read on for four fun activities that will improve your long-distance friendship and bring you both joy.

Watch a Virtual Show

The best thing about virtual shows is that you can watch them from anywhere in the world. You can enjoy it from your bedroom in Sheffield while your buddy is viewing it from Sydney.

There are thousands of possibilities you can choose from. Want to be entertained? Try an amazing virtual magic show. Love culture? There are many live opera performances, plays, or musicals available to watch online. You and your friend can bond over the experience and share a special memory.

Become Pen Pals

Speaking over the phone or online messenger is a great way to regularly keep in contact. However, it can be hard to show how much you care simply through text and emojis. Writing each other letters allows you to connect on a deeper level and show your friend how much you care. Experts say that handwritten letters are one of the most authentic ways to express your emotions.

Not sure how to get started? You could send them a gift that you know they’ll love, draw them a picture, or simply take the time to write on some beautiful stationery. You can look forward to receiving personal letters, and both of you will know the effort and love that has gone into them.

Plan an Adventure

Taking a trip together is a great way to strengthen your friendship. Psychologists refer to the process as the “road trip effect,” as adventures tend to bring the people participating closer together. Visiting a friend or going on holiday together is a great way to bond.

However, this can be tricky if neither of you can afford to travel much. Planning an adventure is a great way to show that you care and adds excitement to the friendship — even if you know you won’t be able to afford to do it for several years.

Start a Book Club

Sharing cultural experiences is a great way to bond with a buddy. You can set a regular time every week and choose a book. Read it together, and then discuss. Not only is it a fun way to experience new things, but you get to explore the art that your friend is passionate about.

Not a fan of reading? You can apply these ideas to everything from new albums to TV shows and movies. You and your friend will never run out of entertainment to discuss!

Show That You Care

The hardest part about a long-distance friendship is not getting to be there for your friend. It can feel sad and frustrating to not be able to show up at your friend’s house with ice cream after a break-up or share their celebration when they get a new job. However, this doesn’t mean your friendship has to suffer. You just have to show that you care in more inventive ways.

These four ideas will help your friend to know that you care about them, even if you can’t show them in person. Your friendship will grow from having to spend time together in unique ways. And when you finally meet up in person, you’ll realize that the bond is stronger than ever.