Good Deeds Day 2021 falls on April 11th. It is a day created by Shari Arison, and it is celebrated worldwide. It is a day dedicated to doing good deeds and inspiring others to do the same. However, with the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, the way we go about this special occasion may be a bit different than previous years.

So how will Good Deeds Day 2021 be celebrated? Read on to find out.

Practice Social Distancing And Avoid Crowds

You do not have to be part of a huge crowd and ignore social distancing during these times if you want to participate in Good Deeds Day. You can choose to do things on a smaller scale in your own community that do not require you to put yourself or others at risk.

Call Elderly Relatives

Our seniors are some of the most vulnerable and also the loneliest during these times. That is why you should make a plan to give them a call on Good Deeds Day or set up a card exchange within the community. You can spread goodness and send well wishes to everyone and stay safe at the same time.

Set Up Grocery Trips

You can also gather a group of people who are willing to schedule grocery trips for the vulnerable individuals in the community. You can have them e-mail you a list of what is needed, and you can set up a team that takes the orders, does the shopping, and delivers the groceries to people’s doorsteps.

Be More Aware Of Others

The next Good Deeds Day allows us to look around our own communities and be more aware of others and what needs to be done.

Shop Local

Something as simple as choosing to shop at local stores can allow you to spread kindness and help struggling businesses in your community. Many places worldwide are seeing less foot traffic, and many stores and restaurants may be at limited capacity. Show your support by frequenting these establishments on Good Deeds Day and beyond.

Make Donations

In 2021, we might also see a surge in donations to different charities in lieu of gatherings and community events. If you can afford to, donate to a charity of your choice. Even a small amount can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Stay Home

Finally, simply staying home allows you to do your part and flatten the curve. If you do not have the money to donate or the time to join an organization, then do your good deeds from home.

While Good Deeds Day may have to take on a new appearance in the next year, that does not mean our goals will be different. We should still aim to be as generous as possible, inspire others, and spread some kindness throughout the world.