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Goodwood launches new classic car insurance service: Goodwood Classic Solutions

Goodwood is proud to announce the launch of its new insurance service, Goodwood Classic Solutions, providing owners of classic cars with vehicle insurance quotes tailored to their specific needs. Launching in March 2023, Goodwood Classic Solutions will source quotes from a panel of specialist and industry-leading underwriters, providing customers with three individual quotes, quickly and accurately.

Not typically available on conventional comparison sites, Goodwood Classic Solutions will offer bespoke quotes accounting for the agreed value of a customer’s vehicle, as well as limited mileage discounts, salvage retention policies and modification cover for over 2 million classic cars that are on the road today. Users can also browse comprehensive buying guides and related content on market trends, auctions and more.

Goodwood Classic Solutions has partnered with Sterling Insurance to provide an online service that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week; with the aim of revolutionising how classic car insurance can be obtained. Sterling Insurance is a trading name of Herts Insurance Consultants Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration 309073.

Goodwood is home to world-renowned motorsport events including the Festival of Speed, and the Revival, welcoming tens of thousands of owners, drivers and collectors of cars to the historic Motor Circuit and hillclimb every year. With an undeniable passion for cars – from classics all the way to concepts – and 75 years of automotive heritage, the team at Goodwood understands what classic car enthusiasts need when it comes to car ownership.

Of the estate’s latest venture, Chairman of Goodwood, The Duke of Richmond, said: “I’m thrilled we are launching this unique classic car insurance service for the motoring community. Exceptional customer experiences are at the heart of what we do and with the launch of Goodwood Classic Solutions in 2023 – the year we celebrate 75 years of motorsport at Goodwood – it couldn’t be a better time to extend this passion and expertise to fellow enthusiasts.”

Goodwood Classic Solutions will specialise in insurance policies for classic cars and avoid hours of shopping around, research and calls. Those who wish to find out more information and explore the bespoke coverage options can do so on

Discounts on vehicle insurance policies will be available to Goodwood Road Racing Club Members and Fellows.

Goodwood Classic Solutions fact sheet

Key facts that set Goodwood Classic Solutions apart:

Will Goodwood be underwriting the vehicle insurance policies?
No, Goodwood Classic Solutions will act as an insurance introducer, utilising a network of contacts to provide customers with quotes for three different insurance policies, allowing them to select the policy that best suits their needs.

How will users be able to get a quote?
All quotes will be available online at but a phoneline will also be available for users to speak to a Goodwood Classic Solutions team member.

How will Agreed Valuation work?
Customers will need to submit documentation and photographs of their vehicle, highlighting any unique features or other elements that will affect the car’s value. These will then be reviewed, and an accurate value will be agreed upon by both Goodwood Classic Solutions and the vehicle owner.

Will vehicle salvage retention be available?
Yes, if a vehicle is written off, drivers with vehicle insurance from Goodwood Classic Solutions will retain their right to keep the vehicle. (Subject to Policy Selection).

Can modified vehicles be covered?
Absolutely. We understand that very few classic cars remain in the exact state in which they left the factory, and so upgrades and modifications can be catered for. If customers make any modifications to their vehicle during the term of the policy, they simply need to notify Goodwood Classic Solutions.

Will there be discounts for Goodwood Road Racing Club members?
Yes! Members and Fellows will receive discounted rates on their vehicle insurance policies.

How about limited mileage discounts?
Vehicle insurance policies from Goodwood Classic Solutions will offer a limited mileage discount, so if the classic car is driven relatively infrequently, customers will pay less to insure it.

Goodwood Classic Solutions and Sterling Insurance are trading names of Herts Insurance Consultants Ltd. Herts Insurance Consultants Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration 309073.

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