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Heating High Rise: From the Ground Up | Kensa Webinar Series


Mar 17, 2022 #Business, #climate

UK market leader Kensa is launching a series of FREE webinars exploring how ground source heat pump technology can protect tenants in tower blocks from fluctuating energy costs.

The digital events will bring together professionals from all aspects of the social housing industry to discuss how networked ground source heat pumps can alleviate fuel poverty, increase social value, reduce carbon emissions, and lower running and lifecycle costs.

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The webinars will be presented by Ieman Barmaki, Director of Low Carbon Partnerships at Kensa, who has extensive experience within local government sustainability and asset management. Ieman helps local & regional government organisations to achieve their 2030 carbon reduction ambitions by developing innovative large-scale renewable heating projects.

He said: “The rise in energy price caps will plunge millions into fuel poverty. By replacing old, inefficient heating systems with new, 300% efficient ground source heat pumps, you can protect tenants from fluctuating energy costs, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of your housing stock.”

“Join Kensa on one of our free webinars to explore the drivers for investing in this technology. With significant funding being made available soon and open to local authority competitions, there is no better time to get ready. Kensa can support you to develop winning bids tailored to your housing stock.”

Kensa is urging local authorities and housing associations to take action now to protect their tenants from fuel poverty in the face of the looming energy crisis. Against a turbulent backdrop of unprecedented energy price rises that will hit the most vulnerable people the hardest, ground source heat pumps offer stability by remaining the lowest cost and lowest carbon electric heating option.

Ground source heat pumps deliver 3 to 4kW of renewable energy for every 1kW of electrical power consumed. The rest of the energy needed is harnessed for free from ground (or water) sources around a property. This means a smaller proportion of the power needed to run the heat pump is going to be affected by rising energy costs. This also makes ground source heat pumps the most energy-efficient heating technology available, reducing a property’s heating costs by around two-thirds compared to direct electric heaters.

In 2022, Kensa is celebrating 10 years of our smallest & quietest ground source heat pump, the Shoebox, that transformed the application of ground source technology in high rise, flats, and apartments. Partnering shared borehole ground arrays and this small but powerful heat pump in every home, Kensa has successfully delivered some of the biggest ground source heat pump installations in the country into flats and apartments, often with an EPC of C or lower, improving the quality of life for thousands of people.

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