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Here Are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy


Nov 12, 2020

If you don’t want to undergo reconstructive surgery to relieve your chronic condition, you’ll be glad to know that the benefits of stem cell therapy have increased in recent years. Today, researchers are discovering ways to use stem cell therapy to heal common diseases.

Stem cell therapy works by encouraging the reparative response of injured, dysfunctional, or diseased tissues through stem cells. The cells are grown in a laboratory where they undergo manipulation to create different cells, such as nerve cells, muscle cells, or blood cells. The cells are then implanted in a person where they are injured, such as when having a heart disease or shoulder pain. Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive, fast, and simple outpatient procedure. Here are the benefits of stem cell therapy.

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases usually deprive the heart of oxygen, causing scar tissue formation, altering blood flow or blood pressure. Research shows that stem cells from adult bone marrow can differentiate and be used to repair the blood vessels and the heart due to numerous growth factors’ secretion.

Brain cells’ destruction in conditions like Parkinson’s disease can be reversed with stem cell therapy by regenerating new, functioning, and healthy brain cells.

Even more promising is the possibility of addressing genetic defects present in children when they are born by restoring function and health with the introduction of healthy normal cells.

Burn victims

Burn victims suffer a lot of tissue damage, frustration from the challenges of healing, and endure a lot of pain, too. Stem cell therapy can create new and healthy tissues, enhance collagen production, and stimulate hair growth.

Scientists remove cells from the bone marrow, and then trigger them to differentiate in a laboratory before transplanting the cell back to the patient’s body to replace the burn tissues. In burn victims, doctors can grow a small part of the skin and cover a larger burn area than the skin grown.

Non-surgical pain relief

Stem cell therapy is minimizing the need for invasive therapy. Most athletes are prone to injuries like shoulder injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, etc. Joints are essential for movement and are also crucial for daily activities, work, and sport. Minimal invasive surgeries to treat these injuries, such as stem cell therapy, allow patients to recover quickly and go back to their activities with as little downtime as possible. The therapy offers a powerful treatment option for partial tendon damage, muscle tears, cartilage damage resulting from chronic degeneration, or acute injuries.

Adult stem cells are removed from the patient’s adipose tissue/fatty tissue and bone marrow. It’s separated, consolidated, and prepared for implantation into the damaged area of the patient. The injections are carried out under image guidance to ensure the stem cells are placed accurately on the specific area that’s damaged.

The benefits and use of stem cell therapy have helped many people, and with continued research, it will pave the way for newer, better treatments. Stem cell therapy in Charlotte NC offers hope for people suffering from joint pain.

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