At a glance, TravelChain has the potential to really shake up the global travel industry and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the company looks set to close out on a successful ICO during the coming weeks. Against the backdrop of market excitement, however, we wanted to take a deep dive into how the team behind TravelChain expects to push the company and the project forward once the ICO is complete in an attempt to ascertain whether the attention that this one is getting right now is warranted.

So, we did just that.

A Quick Introduction

By way of a quick introduction, TravelChain is building a platform that allows travelers to share the data that is generated on the back of their journeys with companies and other entities that want to sell them goods and services. The travelers are rewarded for the data they share in the form of Travel Tokens (TTs) and, using this data, the advertisers are able to tailor their offerings directly to the individuals in question. This means, in turn, that they can potentially reduce dramatically the costs associated with targeted advertising.

For a much more detailed description of how this all works, there’s a video here that’s well worth checking out.

We’re here to look at the roadmap, however, so here goes.

The company is looking to raise a hard cap of $10 million through the issue of a total of 693 million Travel Tokens.

Once the ICO is complete and the operational development funds are in place, what happens next?

Developer Network and Partners

The first major milestone is the launch of what the company calls its working network, which is the network on which developers will be able to design their own applications. This is crucial to the rapid growth of TravelChain, based on the idea that the integration of third-party travel applications is what’s really going to drive interaction on both sides of the equation – travelers and data-seeking customers.

The company expects to hit this milestone during February next year and, by the end of the second quarter next year, to have built a community of developers that are ready to embed TravelChain in their finished projects.

Running in parallel to this network build-out, TravelChain is also looking to integrate its technology into that of various partners, three of which already been announced – Izitravel, Tourister and Tvil.

These latter three partners have 3 million, 1.36 million and 1.8 million registered and monthly users respectively, numbers that serve to underline just how fast this strategy could contribute to user data collection (which is, after all, the real value driver here) going forward.

Critical Mass

By the end of the third quarter 2018, TravelChain expects to have launched its token distribution network and to have gained a critical mass of around 100,000 users. Again, and in line with what we’ve mentioned above, the real value in this project is the data that’s collected. As such, to reach 100,000 users (each of which is contributing to the company’s data set) is, in our eyes, a real value-add inflection point and one that should be a major milestone/catalyst for anyone that picks up an exposure to this company by way of its ICO.

Scaling Up

Finally, by the end of first quarter 2019, TravelChain expects to be in a position to start putting systems in place that allow for the rapid scaling of its operations to absorb increased demand. As is almost always the case with these sorts of user acquisition-type platforms, once a critical mass is reached, user count increases exponentially. That the company is prepared for this from a technological standpoint is crucial and, again, this makes the first quarter of 2019 a really key period to watch from an early investor standpoint.

So, with all this considered, what’s our take?

While TravelChain is being somewhat aggressive with its development strategy and operational roadmap, the company is also taking steps to ensure that every milestone reached complements the project and helps to ensure smooth scalability longer-term.

For us, an aggressive but achievable set of targets is incredibly important but a considered approach is also key – and TravelChain checks both boxes.

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