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Hidden Gem Walks of Hexham


Sep 19, 2023

List of Hidden Gem Walks of Hexham

Hexham, a picturesque market town in Northumberland, England, is known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and captivating walks. While many tourists flock to the popular attractions such as Hexham Abbey and Hadrian’s Wall, there are several hidden gem walks in and around Hexham that offer a unique and less crowded experience. In this article, we will explore some of these hidden gems, allowing you to discover the beauty of Hexham from a different perspective.

1. Hexham Town Trail

The Hexham Town Trail is a fascinating walking route that takes you through the historic heart of the town, showcasing its architectural delights and providing insights into its past. Starting from the Market Place, you can explore landmarks such as the Hexham Abbey, an 8th-century Benedictine monastery, and the Moot Hall, a beautifully preserved medieval building. The Trail also includes the Old Gaol, the oldest purpose-built prison in England, and the Hexham Bridge, a charming stone bridge spanning the River Tyne.

2. Sele Park

Situated on the banks of the River Tyne, Sele Park is a hidden gem that offers a peaceful and serene walking experience. This well-manicured park features beautiful flower beds, a bandstand, and ample green spaces for picnics or leisurely strolls. As you wander through the park, you can enjoy the panoramic views of Hexham Abbey and the surrounding countryside. Additionally, the park is home to the Sele Mill, a restored water-powered corn mill that provides an insight into the town’s industrial past. The park is especially stunning during spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, creating a magical atmosphere.

3. Devil’s Water and Dilston

For a more countryside experience, the Devil’s Water and Dilston walk is an excellent choice. This circular route takes you along the picturesque Devil’s Water river, through woodland trails, and past the ruins of Dilston Castle. The walk offers a perfect blend of natural landscapes and intriguing historical sites. You can admire the stunning views, spot local wildlife, and explore the remains of Dilston Castle, once a grand mansion belonging to the infamous Radcliffe family. Along the way, you may also stumble upon Dilston Physic Garden, a hidden gem filled with medicinal plants and herbs.

4. Hareshaw Linn

Located a short drive from Hexham, Hareshaw Linn is a hidden waterfall nestled within a deep wooded gorge. This walk is perfect for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility. The trail to the waterfall is well-maintained, although it can be a little rugged in places. As you wander through the enchanting woodland, you can hear the peaceful sounds of running water and birdsong. Upon reaching Hareshaw Linn, you will be rewarded with the breathtaking sight of a 30-foot waterfall cascading into a pool below. It’s a truly magical experience that feels like stepping into a fairytale realm.

5. Allen Banks and Staward Gorge

Allen Banks and Staward Gorge is a National Trust-managed woodland area near Hexham, famous for its stunning beauty and diverse flora and fauna. This hidden gem offers a range of walking trails suitable for all abilities. As you venture deep into the gorge, you’ll encounter ancient trees, tumbling waterfalls, and the peaceful melody of the River Allen. Keep an eye out for red squirrels, woodland birds, and wildflowers that thrive in this protected habitat. The varying terrain and dramatic scenery make Allen Banks and Staward Gorge an ideal location for a day of exploration and relaxation.

Hexham has numerous hidden gem walks waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re seeking historical insights, tranquil park settings, charming riverside strolls, or enchanting woodlands, Hexham has something to offer every nature lover and curious explorer. So, lace up your walking boots, grab a map, and embark on an adventure to uncover the hidden beauty of this delightful market town.

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