Historian Dr Tosh WarwickA Middlesbrough historian is appealing to members of the public for suggestions of people, places and historical events to feature in a new book which will take readers on a historical A-Z exploration of the town.

Dr Tosh Warwick, Lecturer in History at Leeds Beckett University, is currently collating subjects for his third book A-Z of Middlesbrough, part of a new series by Amberley Publishing exploring intriguing, surprising, neglected and quirky tales of towns and cities throughout Britain. The Middlesbrough-born historian has previously authored Central Middlesbrough Through Time and co-authored River Tees: From Source to Sea.

Whilst a number of aspects of the town’s history and heritage are already pencilled in to feature – including Middlesbrough’s first mayor Henry Bolckow, Boro’s former home ground Ayresome Park and the 1911 opening of the Tees Transporter Bridge – suggestions are welcomed for other inclusions, particularly for some of the more challenging aspects of the A-Z.

The Middlesbrough-born historian said: “There are a number of standout individuals, landmarks and red-letter days in the history of Middlesbrough which will be explored in the new book by drawing upon an extensive range of official documents, newspapers, photographs and souvenirs”.  

“However, suggestions for people, places and events to be included – especially lesser known aspects of the town’s story – are welcomed, as are recommendations for some letters which have proven challenging, particularly ‘X’.  By drawing upon wider knowledge and interest in Middlesbrough’s past it is hoped that the new book will bring to light new, important elements of the town’s heritage that to date have not received much attention”.

The fully illustrated A-Z historical tour of Middlesbrough is set to be released later this year by Amberley Publishing.  Information and suggestions for inclusion in the new book can be sent by email to t.warwick@leedsbeckett.ac.uk or via Twitter @tosh_warwick by Friday 8th July.