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How Businesses Can Maximise the Benefits of Oracle Database Management Software


Nov 2, 2021

There are many challenges which medium and large organisations will face on a daily basis. Common examples include accounting, marketing, client engagement, and product development. However, it is just as prudent to point out that in-house software management can become more challenging as ongoing operations continue to expand. In some ways, this is an unintended effect of positive growth. This is also one of the reasons why Oracle database management solutions are often chosen.

These bundles provide a centralised means to proactively monitor important data sets within real-time scenarios. In other words, employees and managers alike can better appreciate where the business itself may be headed. Changes can be made when required and above all, the scalability of Oracle dictates that it can be updated when required. The only possible issue is that this system may become more challenging to oversee; especially when consider that multiple software bundles are often present. Let us therefore take a look at how the benefits of Oracle can be leveraged to their fullest.

Licensing Management Solutions
What Oracle licenses are set to expire in the not-so-distant future? Are any bundles being used more than others? Might an update be required? Is the business remaining in full compliance with the existing EULA? These are some of the questions which can be difficult to answer when employing traditional methods. So, it is no surprise that numerous organisations have already chosen to implement the third-party solutions found here.

This type of Oracle licensing management tool will help to ensure that the products themselves are being utilised in the most efficient manners possible. Of course, it is also much easier to address common concerns such as product expirations and regulatory requirements. As Oracle becomes even more advanced, it stands to reason that such packages will become even more relevant.

Customise the Oracle Dashboard
Another interesting feature of Oracle is that this system enables users to customise their own dashboards. This contributes to greater levels of in-house efficiency while decreasing the chances that errors will be made. Unfortunately, some businesses have yet to leverage such a unique option.

Oracle dashboards have been engineered in such a manner as to provide numerous personalised options including:

  • Team revenue tracking.
  • Different data displays (tiles, tables and tree maps).
  • Prompts to enable users to choose which values are displayed.
  • Deleting redundant pages.
  • Granting permissions to specific employees.

Leveraging these and similar user-friendly tools is the best way to maximise the impacts of this management system.

Targeted In-House Training
A final recommendation involves providing in-house Oracle training to increase user adoption rates. Similar to other ERP packages such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, it is important that employees are fully aware of how these systems function. While Oracle provides an in-depth help database, this might not always be sufficient for those who possess little prior experience. Management should therefore make it a point to host training and orientation sessions when appropriate.

Oracle is one of the most effective database management solutions on the market. Businesses that hope to maximise their return on investment should therefore implement the suggestions outlined above.

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