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How To Build A Billion-Dollar Start-Up With No Cost

For many people these days, regular 9-5 jobs are becoming mundane. A lot of them want to venture into entrepreneurship and give a meaningful tangent to their skills. But more often than not, they don’t have enough resources to do. But don’t worry, if you’re a creative writer, graphic designer, or want to do something on your own with little to no money, you must stay put till the end of this blog.  I’ll be enumerating how can you make your big without having to break the bank.

  1. Freelance Writing

All your life, you’ll pretty much be writing something. It is a skill every business owner must develop with time. Writing isn’t rocket science, and if you have the knack and love for reading and writing, you’ll ace up in this field.  As a freelance writer, you’ll get to write presentations, blog posts, product reviews, guest posts, website content, eBooks, and so on.

  1. Affiliate marketing

You’ll be able to earn decent money through affiliate marketing if you’re good at selling something. For being an affiliate marketer, a website isn’t necessary, but having one gives you an added advantage. Pick some products that give you a good commission. You need to sell it on your own, and with every sale, you’ll earn a cut.

Amazon offers an affiliate commission on its products. Now, if there’s a sale and you’ve spread the word and if people buy the products using your links, you’ll get your cut.

So, in affiliate marketing, you don’t need to develop a product or a service. You need to sell it on the right platforms so that you can make good money out of that.

  1. Ad Agency

Running an Ad agency is a profitable business if you’re an excellent communicator as it involves talking to publishers and website owners and gets their products published on various online and offline platforms. Create a list of publishers and get a quote from them. Reach out to website owners and make a bundle offer. For this business, you need a website and an email address.

  1. Website developer

We live in a website first world where everything needs to have a website presence. If you’re interested in coding and make your big in the website development, trust me, you’ll go far. This is a field where you’ll only see growth and no recession. You can start by taking small projects and develop websites on WordPress, Wix, and other platforms and later spread your horizon.

  1. Professional blogging
    Blogging is one of the most sought after options if you’re looking to venture into a startup without burning a hole in the pocket. Start a blog on the niches that are most searched on the search engine, such as social media marketing or cryptocurrency.

Once you start getting some traffic, let say 10000 visitors per month, you can apply for Google AdSense program. Once your blog is approved, you can begin to make around $50 to $10 per month. Along with that, you can also reach out to brands for paid sponsorships.

Wrapping up

You must invest your heart, soul, and efforts in building a strong foundation for your dream startup. Additionally, market vigorously on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to network with like-minded people and build your community.  All the best!

Author Bio

This is Sharon Winget, Staff Writer with GoodFirms, a review and rating platform of top IT companies & software. A tech geek at heart, I firmly believe technology can transform societies. I enjoy blogging about web design, email marketing, and content marketing.

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